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Has anyone completed an MSN via distance education? What schools would you recommend? Thanks!


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I am currently enrolled in a distance MSN program through the Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center. .

You need to go there a few times for skill labs and take oral boards / or defend thesis.

The courses I find a little more difficult in some ways. There is less contact and informal discussion among students. You participate in forums and weekly assignments. I have done few written tests but there are more assignments. I have learned a lot so far. They are very educational and worth while. Some of the assignments were time consuming especially the research course I recently finished.

I did an in class course in stats before moving to germany and found it easier because we could compare ideas easier with the other students. We had 3 written tests. Which I liked a little more than the extra assignments.

The Univ Colorado Health science center is highly rated with their FNP program being the 3rd - 5th ranked in the nation.

I have been very pleased with the courses so far.



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St Joseph's College in Windham Maine has some good programs one of the few that offers a MSN in Nursing Ed.. They have a website. Just put St Joseph's College in your search engine and you'll find it.... TTFN


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I have searched online nursing grad programs there are many to choose from.

Has anyone out there graduated from one? And how where you percieved by your employer for doing distance ed?

I am curious how one could do the NP thing via distance?


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I obtained my BSN distance ed through St. Joseph's in Maine. Great program! Very professional and helpful. They only required me to be there for 3 weeks to do clinicals. They do have a MSN program in Education and I believe Administration that may require some minimal on campus time.

I went on to do my MSN/FNP through the U of South Carolina which was 90 miles away from my home at the time. Many classes there were distance ed, but only via CCTV at selected sites. We were able to do clinical time where ever we could find it so I did that closer to home.

I do not know of any 'long' distance ed NP programs (although I dont see why this could not be possible). Make sure any program you look at is NLN accredited, they are the only ones that will allow you to be certified as an NP!

The University of Pheonix does offer a generic MSN but dont think they offer an NP track.

No doubt someone will think of a way to offer a distance NP program, keep looking!

Good Luck in your search!


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The University of Missouri-Columbia has a distance NP program (several specialities) that you do your clinical time in your community. Hope that helps. It's also very reasonably priced.


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How much clinical time is required in the NP programs?

Do you feel the time spent getting the NP paid off for you, more than emotionally I mean?


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As a Canadian- I am looking at distance ed- and there are a few to pick from here- University of Athabasca is one......however I am drawn to several in the US since they seem to offer so many possibilites- example the RN to MSN at the University of Colorado- can anyone tell me- when you are working- how much time you can exoect to dedicate to these programs?

I am a dedicated individual- but also work on a busy demanding surgical floor and I am also finishing a critical care program.

Can anyone enlighten me???




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Distance education is a wonderful and exciting way to complete your graduate degree. Whatever program you choose, please make sure it is accredited by one of the 6 regional accrediting bodies that accredit programs of higher education in the U.S. It is not sufficient that they have a 'state license' any business must have one of those. Accreditation means that they are recognized as being a school that adheres to appropriate and high academic standards. Besides, you don't want to finish a program to find out that the diploma isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Be prepared, however, some of the programs are harder because you are expected to be 'independent.' You get assignments, write papers, etc. The only thing that you don't have is the commute and the almighty "Talking Head" in front of the room. The hallmark of adult learners is that we are self-correcting. Most distance education programs operate under this premise.

Regarding katmease's question: I jumped approximately $25,000 annually in salary from RN/BSN to MS/GNP. It was finacially rewarding as well as professionally rewarding.

Weathergirl... good luck with whatever you decide.


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i am currently enrolled in the msn program at st. joseph's college in standish maine. it is a fantastic program, fully accredited, and reasonably priced. i will have to attend one summer session, probably next year. you really need to be highly motivated and a self-starter. there are no classes to attend and no-one reminding you to get your work in. it can be lonely, although the web site does offer bulletin boards so students can "speak" with one another. please instant message me if you have any other questions. good luck!


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Blue Bear I sent you an instant message.

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