Mistake to contact a hiring manager directly with your resume?


If you apply for a job these days, most are online applications that first go to HR then to the hiring manager after a computer, in some cases, sorts through the information.

It seems more and more people - not just nurses - are applying for positions they are qualified or overly qualified for only to receive - sometimes immediately - a computer generated message telling them they are being reviewed or are not being considered which makes me wonder just how many qualified applicants are over looked that a hiring manager may never see.

So, is it a mistake to apply online AND reach out directly to the person hiring - if you know their email or direct phone number (at work of course) to pass along your interest/resume and to let them know you've applied to try to ensure your information hits their hands?


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I always call the hospital and leave a message for the nurse recruiter. Otherwise you are just another application. I don't think they even look at your application unless you call them and point it out to them.


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I call the nurse recruiter. I ensure that it's gotten to them and that they have seen it. I've personally met most of the nurse recruiters in my area. Also I applied out of state for a position(ended up getting it but having to turn down) but I personally called the recruiter and asked questions and I'm pretty sure that's why I was selected for an interview and then eventually got the job(though I had to turn it down).

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No, not a mistake at all ... IF you are in a position to know that that particular manager at that particular hospital has the ability to override HR screening decisions. I think emailing a cover letter & resume is fine, followed up by one phone call. If you don't get any action from that, take the hint and move on. You have to treat a Job Search the way a sales professional approaches sales leads ... as a numbers game.

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Nope, whenever possible, also send your resume directly to the hiring manager, along with a well written email cover letter. I totally agree with your OP - sometimes you get passed over by HR because to them it appears that you're not qualified, when you really are.

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Hard to believe, but sometimes, hiring managers don't hear about all the applicants because HR has closed the position unbeknownst to the manager. So sure, send that letter to the manager and let her know you're interested in working for her because... and she'll be on the phone to HR wondering why she never heard about you in the first place.

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This is basically how I got my first job. I had applied through the hospital's online system 1-2 months earlier. I was a senior in college, doing my preceptorship on the floor I wanted to work on. After my preceptor introduced me to the director of the floor, she wanted to hire me and she called HR and said "we need to arrange an interview for Kel."


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I got my job by reaching out to the manager