Microbiology Online Should I?


I am considering taking Microbiology online this summer through Chicago City Colleges. I am currently a first year Nursing student at Truman and really do not want to go to class 4 days a week over the summer. Does anyone have any feedback?

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Have you verified with your nursing school that they'll accept the Micro class for credit?


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If it transfers, I would do it. I love online classes!

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Take the Microbiology Online Course at Ocean County College and you will love it! I am taking it now and it is the best course I have ever taken. I can't say enough good about it.

You can actually sign up for their Summer First Five Week which starts in mid May and ends in late June. You can get it out of the way and have the rest of your summer off. My class is filled with students taking it from other schools all over the United States.

Here is the website for the Microbiology Online Course:


Here is the website to register:



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Has anyone taken the A & P I and II online there??

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One of my girlfriends took both A&P I and II online and loved it. She is the one who recommended that I take Microbiology online at Ocean County College.

She did say that when she took it over the summer it was a lot of work and that you really need to spend major time each weekday. I am a weekend kind of person and I tend to go in spirts. I hope I can adjust to the intense schedule.

They have a really good reputation for their online courses in science so I hoping for the best. Let me know if anyone is taking Microbiology online in the Summer Second Week?

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I'm looking at taking a few online courses since it would cost me more than $500 to have my Canadian credits 'evaluated' to see if they count! Since I have to take A&P I&II regardless, I'd like to find an A&P I course that has no prereq AND is accepted by Maricopa County (Phoenix) Colleges. Ocean County looks good. Anyone have experience, good or bad, regarding their credits being accepted at your College of choice?

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I'm with NC_Girl_RN, I love online classes too! I've taken Bio and English, currently taking API, Chem and Nutrition. I'll be taking Micro, APII and Psych this summer. This fall I'm going to do Algebra, Stats, English 2 and Human Growth & Dev. If I can get some funding I am going to add Patho to the fall. All of these classes I have done or will do online through ccconline. The freedom that online schools give you is awesome, and just because the exams are open book - doesn't mean they are easy! :)

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I am currently taking A&P I online and don't mind it. If you are able to keep yourself into it and devote the time for studying I would probably go for it. I love the online classes I am taking. I am currently attending Luzerne County Community College. I have to drive to Nanticoke for my lab section which is on Saturday mornings. I only have 7 this semester. I know for A&P II it is every other Saturday afternoon for 4 hours. Guess its better than going multiple times a week especially for me being a father of 2 and working full time. The only downfall about online that I found to hate is when the Professor goes MIA for 4 weeks. No grades, messages, announcements. Kinda sucked. Good thing was he turned up ok at lab which a group of us missed because we all live so far away and thought it would be a waste of time to go up. Also depends on how well you learn. Micro you will be doing alot with microscopes. I was told it was the hardest science to take. Both by other nurses, students and even my A&P Professor who teaches it. Good Luck either way you choose.


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Wait... You can take microbiology online through the Chicago city colleges? i looked all over and can't find proof to that. What school are you going to take that class online?

has anybody else taken science classes online? I really want to take chem in the summer but if i can avoid going to class and do it online i'll be a happy camper.

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Yes I have been taking my A&P online. I just have to drive to the school for labs. I'm not sure about the chemisty class but I'm sure its possible.

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