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  1. Superus

    Do I need to submit all Transcripts...

    submit them all
  2. Superus


    The dredded TEAS from my understanding they loook at critical thinking /reading/math
  3. Superus

    gpa to get into nursing school?

    always try to go higher than what the school wants. There will be competition
  4. Superus

    Scared I won't get in

    If yo uare able to repeat some of the courses go for it. In my school they only allow you to repeat 1 science course
  5. Superus

    Microbiology online lab

    You are going to need the kit. It's a lab and you'll probably be tested on it
  6. Both hard courses! if you are truly committed then you could try to do both. however, only you know if you could do it.
  7. Superus

    CNA pay in IL

    Currently my buddy is getting paid 16/h in IL
  8. Superus


    congrats! take the nclex now! before you forget
  9. Superus

    CNA vs Student Nurse Assistant

    Yup pretty mucht the same
  10. I was leaning towards a CNA just because i feel it's easier to get a job.......
  11. i'm debating cna, phlebotomy tech, and ekg technician. i want something that can give me experience in the field but also a job when i finish training. honestly, i don't know if i could handle being a cna. i was talking to a er nurse and she told me that was a dirty job. i just want something that looks good when i apply to schools but also give me experience as well. any suggestions?
  12. Superus

    BIO 226 at Truman

    Did you take Chem 121 yet? If so who was your teacher? i would P/M you this msg but i dont know how lol. Awesome job on the exams/test! did he let you guys keep them? maybe you can share them haha j/k
  13. Superus

    BIO 226 at Truman

    Yes his tests were hard. I took him for bio 121 and i had to drop. I took another teacher for bio 121 and received an A. Any updates on the tests yet?
  14. Superus

    BIO 226 at Truman

    That teacher sucks! lol anyway what are you guys doing right now? Do you guys use coursecompass?
  15. Superus

    Microbiology Online Should I?

    Wait... You can take microbiology online through the Chicago city colleges? i looked all over and can't find proof to that. What school are you going to take that class online? has anybody else taken science classes online? I really want to take chem in the summer but if i can avoid going to class and do it online i'll be a happy camper.

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