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Steve EMT-B

Steve EMT-B

Critical Care, Trauma
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Steve EMT-B specializes in Critical Care, Trauma.

Work at Geisinger Medical Center

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  1. Steve EMT-B

    How long have you been at your job?

    10 years pre hospital as an EMT-B. 3 years as an ER tech (NA that works in ER), now work as NA and Desk clerk for 4 years in September on a critical care floor. I'm guessing that my experience being an EMT was good enough for my boss to hire me considering I am not certified through the state.
  2. Steve EMT-B

    Extra Money

    Last I heard for my workplace is 16 hours is the limit. The only exception is when we are in the state of emergency they will let you go with 20 hours. I have done multiple 16 hour shifts back to back and when its said that the burnout will come it does... I miss alot of time with my family because I catch up on sleeping. After a 16 hour day I have an hour to drive home not to mention the hour I drive coming in. It is true that working over 16 hours is not safe. One of our protocols here at work is 16 on and mandatory 8 off or in between shifts. hope this helps:twocents:
  3. Steve EMT-B

    Helping patients with migraines

    I go to a quiet dark room (no stimulation) and lay in bed with a cold cloth on my forehead and an ice pack behind my neck...
  4. Steve EMT-B

    Training in hospital?

    As a CNA I am not aloud to pass meds due to scope of practice... I work in a critical care setting in a hospital... even on the outside prehospital the only med I may pass through a protocal is oxygen... we can assist with inhalers, epi pens and nitro in pre hospital but nothing in the hospital as a cna... If anything oxygen can be bumped up or down given permission or under supervision of a licensed person... hope this helps
  5. Steve EMT-B

    Should I take classes for CNA before LPN ?

    Yes it is true that CNA's seem to be unappreciated and are burned out... I speak from experience I am one in a well know hospital... I have had 2 back surgeries looking at a third just from being a CNA... just watch what and how you lift and make sure you have extra help:twocents:
  6. Steve EMT-B

    Should I take classes for CNA before LPN ?

    Check the school you intend on applying to... my school has a tier... first couple semesters you can become a cna... then lpn then rn... If your unsure of a healthcare field I would reccomend going cna... you will get experience while you go for lpn/rn... however like it was said they are phasing out not only lpn's but associate degree nurses... they are starting to require now I know in the philidalphia area that you have a bachelors degree... I know where I work the associates and bachelor nurses get paid the same... lpns arond 16-20 dollars an hour... lpn's cannot do certain things... such as push any meds. hang certain meds including blood and when it comes to a code (someone dying) they will get pushed out of the way... they have to have an rn sign their orders and have to sign in under an rn to discharge patients... if you decide to go to lpn school then later transfer to a college or university most will not accept credit transfers and you will have to start over.... this is what it is at my workplace anyway... hope this helps....
  7. Steve EMT-B

    Med/surg or oncology?

    I believe the med/surg will give you more experience for the NCLEX... If it were up to me that is what I would do... then once you have your nusing go for whatever specialty you would want... for example I am going to go critical care nursing once I get my nursing... however I will need to know everything for the basic rn licensure... then I will focus on doing critical care... hope this helps
  8. Steve EMT-B

    Studying for anatomy finals? How about an online study group?

    For my A&P II Lab I had to know what the 12 nerves were and functions on the brainstem, also I had to know what the 7 formed elements were of blood and there functions and draw them... 5 white blood cells, red blood cell and platelets... if this helps anyone I will think of more what I have learned and was tested on over the last 2 semesters.
  9. Steve EMT-B

    Summer Jobs

    That is your choice... It is always good to have experience... especially if you have issues with being able to touch people example would be to bathe a patient... I have been working full time since before school started... my advice is to go for it and see if they could work around your school schedule and possibly reimburst your tuition,since some places do that hope this helps:twocents:
  10. Steve EMT-B

    I really need help with this problem...... .

    1.4 ml im guessing im the same i dont get the problem
  11. Steve EMT-B

    Question for Career Changers

    i work as a cna and unit desk clerk... i'm going for a nurse so i dont have to be a slave to them anymore breaking my back and doing everyone elses work
  12. Steve EMT-B


    you do have a point... Thank you
  13. Steve EMT-B

    Taken advantage of...

    if anything i would and plan on doing this... copywrite your papers and give them a copy... if you get called on it you could prove that you didn't cheat because you would have the original... otherwise just tell them to ask the teacher how to approach it... most of the time teachers especially in college will help... I know the teachers I have had in the past have helped me if I didn't understand... I would usually email them or if I'm in the area go to their office... my teachers also know that things happen so they would extend due dates or times... hope this helps... talk more tomorrow good night
  14. Steve EMT-B

    Hate my job, discouraged and sore!

    No matter what health care setting you go into pre hospital, cna in hospital/ltc or home health just keep real good care of your backs... I would not wish this on anyone not even my enemies... I wish you all the best of luck and if you ever need advice on back injuries though I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat I can relate my experience... I personally run pre hospital ambulance (volunteer) and work in a special care unit (critically ill patients) but please again take care of your backs... if you choose to further educate for nursing it may be a very good idea... more money but same workload lifting wise... BE CAREFUL no matter what you choose... Good night all
  15. Steve EMT-B

    Summer school anyone?

    Keep up the good work and wish you success in all your classes... don't burn yourself out though... injuries and bad grades can occur... I just learned the hard way this past spring semester... went in 11 days after a complicated back surgery... worked and busted but at work to injure my back further... the pain affected my studying, concentration and grades... lucky enough my teacher knew what I was going thru and helped the best she could... Just be careful and don't be afraid to ask for help... again good luck
  16. Steve EMT-B

    Back injuries

    Physical Therapists go to college for how long to learn proper techniques in lifts and slides... my unit has the hoyer lift which for some reason no one uses it... being the only guy na i get alot of can you help with this heavy dead weight patient... we need to stand and pivot him he is a contact guard even though you know he is dead weight... or to even turn patients... I would rather a dead weight compliant patient over one that pushes back and fights you every step of the way... lifting the bed kinda helps me and my back... there is some strain but i use the bed to support myself using my legs on the bed and arms agaist the bed rails... Then I get the patients were it would be a two person boost up to the top of the bed for comfort go to the door to holler for help and of course no one is around or is to busy talking, which is another issue I have were I work... we have certain people who are favorites and no matter what you talk to management about them it just gets brushed off. I end up doing their work or when next shift comes in they are the ones to get in trouble because rooms aren't stocked... I have also noticed with some that they will stand and talk and make the nurses answer their own call bells... It is all supposed to be teamwork so no one gets injured... personally I try my best to help my co workers because they are family and I don't want to see them get hurt and be in the position I am in... I unfortunetly was advised to leave nursing assistant because of back issues... all the staff knows this and I am still lifting... something other hospitals and LTC's could look into to help you guys is a LIFT TEAM... we have I believe 5 members who are on call from 8 in the morning to 9 at night... they are there to help with lifts, transfers and they even said to help turn and reposition patients however staff doesn't ever want to wait for them... Since I am close with them they have told me to call when I need them they would be there for me... it is their job and its what they are there for... please take my advice I am 27 with 2 back surgeries looking at a possible 3rd in the near future after having a complicated fusion on december 30th... take care of your back... in emt class we have learned that though the patient may suffer your safety and your crew safety is number 1... if you don't agree you could become part of the problem... back could go and you could have a 500 lb patient fall on top of you... not a good site but it could definetly happen... I am bad at that advice I put the patient ahead of me but now I don't know what to do... any suggestions???? have a good night all I will try and get on tomorrow at work... nice talking to you and let me know if there is anything else we can talk about... even if it is what I have experienced with my surgeries and injections in my back...