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Mental Pep Talks


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There are times when I need to give myself a mental pep talk in order to handle situations in my school.

Today there was a giant spider. GIANT. And I HATE spiders. Mr. Wine and I saw a wolf spider when we were camping once and I literally had to hold back tears. It's my weakness.

I didn't see it until after my student who was in for flu like symptoms did and she immediately just started screeching. Which I also wanted to do. But I put on my Nurse Wine voice, told her was ok and killed it and thanked God that it didn't jump towards me.

Anyone else have "You can do it!" talks with yourself?


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Yep. Any time I have to talk with an angry parent. I really hate confrontation. I have to return a phone call this afternoon to an angry mom who insists that she dropped off insulin last week and today the student needed to fill her pump and there is no insulin to be found. The LPN who actually runs that health office (I'm in another building) says she does not remember receiving insulin, only the glucagon. She looked and looked and I had her call down the student and check the student's bag and nothing. Ugh. I don't know what to say other than I had her do a thorough check and it's not there.

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Yes, YEs, and YESSSS! Anytime I have to address lice concerns, again, which are usually unfounded. (I like to go by the "don't ask, don't tell methodology). AND. When I have to address those gosh darn Essential Oils.

I'm doing this right now! Have to call a stand-offish mom who insists that WE lost her kid's shot records and she can't possibly get a copy from the doctor's office because WE have the only record. It makes no sense...


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Any time the health office is already full and the walkie goes off multiple times calling me out to recess with the wheelchair on the day I have no health aide (I know I am lucky to have one ever!). I take a deeeeeeep breath, call in someone from the office, and remind myself that I am always capable of what I am capable of. (And only that! Sometimes my biggest reassurance to myself is that I literally am not capable of doing beyond what I am able to do. In a truly life-threatening emergency I can only stabilize as much as I can stabilize while someone calls 911! And when, like 80% of the time, the student who "needed me" is already up and walking, I'm certainly capable of taking them back to sort out what really happened :specs:)

To be honest I give myself a pep talk every single morning. Sometimes, on my daily "to do" list, I add the item "Today is going to be a great day!" We all do what we need to do to get by :cat:

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I always say "IT is only an hour, you can do anything for an hour." Then get thru each hour that way!

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I like to give myself a little Stuart Smalley (I fear this dates me though!!)

sometimes i just give myself a little Tim Gunn:[ATTACH=CONFIG]24880[/ATTACH]

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My favorite - and I say this all the time - "We can DO this!"