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Men Scrubs...for a muscular build


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Outta curiosity, anyone know or can recommend good scrubs for an individual with a lean muscle build? I typically wear my clothes fitted, and would like my scrubs the same...any and all suggestions are welcome?

Thanks! :up:

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I'm a female, but have some suggestions based on well-fitted brands frequently worn by my muscular male coworkers.

1. Landau

2. Koi

3. Grey's Anatomy (very pricey)

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Carhartt! My ex has a muscular/thick build and these worked well for him in his line of work-construction.

Carhartt also makes men's scrubs and I think they look great on the male nurses that I work with.

No-one I mentioned is super muscular (no body builders, lol), but no one is skinny or fat, just solid man.


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Getting the chest and arms big enough trends to make the waist way loose. If you don't get them tailored, maybe try tucking in the tops if you don't mind that look.


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*following* :whistling:

I agree with the suggestions for Carhartt scrubs. I have tons of them and love them. I also like Jockey scribe because when I bend over in most scrubs, I rip the crotch. But the Jockeys are super comfy and stretchy, so I never get scared wearing them. The Carhartts I still have to pull up when I squat down.

I'm a muscular male nurse, 6'6", 250 lbs. Think 70's powerlifter instead of Arnold the body builder. There are no purely flattering scrub cuts out there for men. You'll have to buy a well made set and have them tailored.

I prefer Wink brand tops because they offer a particularly cut arm sleeve than minimizes rise when you reach above your head. Carhart is the best bottoms, because they offer my favorite combination of pocket configuration, draw string, button and zipper close, belt loops, and rip stop fabric.

The Wink tops have seams running from the arm pit to the bottom of the scrub that can be altered by any decent seamstress. Pants are easy to turn into a slim-type fit as well. I usually buy three sets of scrubs a year, take them to the local alteration shop. She charges $10 per piece, but she gives me a buy 5, get one free deal for a total of $50. She also lets out the inseam a bit while she's got them.

In the grand scheme of things, $50 isn't all that much, especially considering you can get it custom altered for way less than some of the more expensive scrubs cost.


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Custom made is the way to go.


I'm also a male nurse with a lean muscular build and I ran into a similar problem with scrubs. If you are lean in the waist, but have broad shoulder and lats…traditional scrubs often feel like they are going to rip when you reach for something or even put on your seatbelt in your car.

I highly recommend Dickies Generation flex scrubs. They are cotton, polyester and spandex. They look great and enable some "stretch" for comfort and movement. Check them out I think you'll like them. I always get compliments on them and they have a bunch of pockets also for convenience.


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I think we need pictures... to help you in your search ;)

Kidding aside, I am toned male nurse (although I wouldn't describe myself as muscular), and I wear Koi scrubs which fit very snug. I also like the Wonderflex scrubs for men, but Koi is better in my opinion.

Benefit Scrubs... checkout the website.