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.Simplicity. has 3 years experience and specializes in ED, Neuro ICU.

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  1. Rosalind Franklin 2018

    Got my acceptance email yesterday, looking forward to starting in May with those accepted!
  2. Any guys pursuing nursing for future wife

    This post gave me a chuckle! Just a chuckle!
  3. Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit

    I'm a fat pig fit nurse who likes to gym and eat a ton! Gotta get my bulk on. You gotta be a fit nurse cause when those female nurses need help, who're they gonna call...? Def not the GHOSTBUSTERS! Get fit and get right!
  4. Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

    Got my interview invite a few days ago, scheduled for March 5th! Whoop.
  5. Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

    YEP! Probably with the next week or so I'll hear something.
  6. OHSU CRNA 2018

    Still playing the waiting game here too...Fingers crossed
  7. Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

    Waiting for to interview, turned in my app a couple of weeks ago...
  8. Rosalind Franklin 2018

    HI guys! Turned in my app close to the deadline but luckily I got an interview request a few days after. Pretty excited for this next chapter of life. Interviewing there Thursday. Fingers crossed!
  9. So sorry to hear about your situation and albeit discouraging, only the strong survives!! Do not give up now and let all those years of school be a waste. A few questions... Not sure which nursing program you completed, but do you think your sufficie...
  10. UWORLD

    Props to you for finishing the entire length of UWORLD questions! Congrats (I only took 1000 ) In regards to your question, UWORLD is highly similar to the way NCLEX questions are presented and as long as you're passing the bare minimum, based on the...
  11. Passed the NCLEX in 75 questions! Here's how...

    Sounds like a good plan and good luck! For UWORLD, take your time to read and understand those rationales. Very helpful!
  12. Passed the NCLEX in 75 questions! Here's how...

    Because it's truly a waste of time! If you continually study for an exam with the hopes of 'taking it at some point' without a date, chances are you will forget and not fully retain what you studied! But with a date set, that will provide you ample ...
  13. UWorld or Kaplan Qbank

    No, just NCLEX-RN
  14. UWorld or Kaplan Qbank

    UWORLD!! The questions mirror the nclex and the rationales are superb and detailed! Took about 1000 questions a week before my nclex and passed in 75 questions within an hour!
  15. Passed the NCLEX in 75 questions! Here's how...

    Thank you!! Just waiting for that license in the mail 😝😝