So..You're going to be a MALE nurse?

  1. I was out having drinks with some friends, some new guy was sitting with us...kinda jerky.

    With about 6 if us sitting at a table he asked me what I'm going to school for. I told him I'm in nursing school, and then plan to bridge over to a PA program or (If possible) go on to become a CRNA. To which he replied, "So, you're going to be a MALE nurse?" and then laughed about it.

    I then asked him what he does, he's in auto sales. I quickly retorted, "So, you're a FEMALE car salesmen?" He didn't like that much. Just gave me a chuckle and proved a point.

    I'm really getting tired of getting these types of comments.
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  3. by   aka_steven
    Yeah, auto sales.... thats a manly job. I'm picturing sleazy crooks in plaid sport coats.
  4. by   slou!
    What I don't understand is, people always refer to male nurses as "male nurses". Never just nurses. I was talking to a lady about nursing school the other day, and her sons both graduated from the school I am going to. Well a second woman came into the conversation and said to me, "Oh you are going to be a nurse! What school are you going to again?" and I told her, and then we got back on the subject about how the first lady I was talking to's sons both graduated from that school and they are nurses, and the second lady in the conversation goes, "Oh both of your sons are male nurses?" Like, OK we already get that they are males because she called them her SONS, why do they need to say "male" in front of it? They are just nurses. I am going to be a nurse when I graduate, and I highly doubt I will go around saying "Yeah I just graduated, I am a female nurse," I know nursing used to be all women, but things have changed! I guess people just need to realize that..
  5. by   Bala Shark
    I think the auto sales guy is kind of jealous..You see, that type of position does not require any schooling or anything and I guess he was insecure..
  6. by   flaerman
    Hey guys,

    Way back when I was school I had met a lady who I told her what I in school for and she asked me, "so, when you graduate will you be "Male" nurse??" I merely looked her in the eye, smiled and said, "nope, at graduation we get a complimentary sex change with the diploma and personally I can't wait since I tired of lugging testicles around all day". With that turned on my heel and walked away leaving to think about that answer.
    Paul :angryfire
  7. by   praeclarus
    then that would make us "female nurses?" that sounds funny, come to think about it..

    don't worry guys, don't let them get into your heads.

    that's what you call "illiterate."

  8. by   Jabramac
    I love it when I triage a person and they refer to me as a doctor. I correct them and say, no, I'm the nurse. They often ask something about how much longer I will be in school before I am a doctor. I would rather be a nurse, I usually tell them. I smirk a little when there physician will be female.

    When I decided to go into nursing someone told me that nursing was females best kept secret from men. Most people really have no clue what we actually do. I didn't until I got into it. Don't get me wrong, there are downsides of the job that stand out with most people, bedpans, vomit etc. But, I can take smirks by others about me being a "male" nurse as I take my paycheck to the bank. When the used car salesman does his job some one gets a car and he can afford a new plaid suit. When we do our job someone is healed and continues to live.
  9. by   EricJRN
    Sometimes you will learn a lot about people simply by their reactions to your career.
  10. by   elkpark
    I've known a few (male) nurses who always replied to the (v. annoying), "Oh, you're a male nurse?" question with a thoughtful, completely straight-faced, "No, I take care of females, too."

    I've always liked that response.
  11. by   bigjay
    I usually respond with "Last time I checked" while glancing down at my crotch area...
  12. by   br107
    Quote from elkpark
    I've known a few (male) nurses who always replied to the (v. annoying), "Oh, you're a male nurse?" question with a thoughtful, completely straight-faced, "No, I take care of females, too."

    I've always liked that response.

    Good one. I may use that. Although "male nurse" doesnt bother me.
  13. by   royr
    I like when patient's don't remember my name - but insist that they are cared for by "My" Nurse - you know - that Guy that took such great care of me last time I was here! When you are the "only" dude on the floor it is not hard to know who the patients are complimenting. It's good to be a Guy - enjoy it!
  14. by   nursemike
    In my previous job, along with patient transport, part of my duty was keeping patient rooms clean. One of my colleagues told a story of the evening he went into a patient room and overheard a family member say on the phone, "Oh, I don't know, but the doctor just came in. I'll ask him as soon as he finishes emptying the wastebaskets."

    True story.

    Sometimes I wonder whether all the t.v. hospital dramas in the world will ever be enough to educate the general public about the roles of healthcare professionals.