How do people feel about male nurses?

  1. I'm 20 and a NJ National Guard Infantry men and I'm think about go to school for my RN. I was wondering is there a Demand for male nurses, and how do male nurses fit in this field. I enjoy helping people and connecting with them and I feel like this would be a good career for me.
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  3. by   Coffee Nurse
    There's not a demand for male nurses. There's a demand for good nurses.
  4. by   loriangel14
    There is no demand for nurses based on gender. No one cares. I have seen male nurses in many areas including OB and NICU. I work with a few and they are awesome but not treated any differently than female nurses. Go for it.
  5. by   %D#2
    I love murses!!!
    (Male nurses)
  6. by   Farawyn
    Quote from LupieLynne
    I love murses!!!
    (Male nurses)
    Murses are man purses.
  7. by   loriangel14
    Quote from LupieLynne
    I love murses!!!
    (Male nurses)

    Please. They are just nurses. Gender doesn't change that.
  8. by   LadyFree28
    Male nurses have been around as long as nursing had been around...

    Here's a useful link:

    Men in Nursing Historical Timeline
  9. by   roser13
    I've never once seen an employment listing for a male nurse. You'll have to just get over your male-ness and prepare to just be a nurse.
  10. by   Julius Seizure
    As you can see, OP, you have hit on a somewhat touchy topic.

    Personally, I wouldn't discourage you from being a nurse based on your male-ness. But generally I encourage people to look into other healthcare fields (regardless of gender) before choosing nursing.
  11. by   flyersfan88
    This topic belongs in the same fiery pit of hell that the "ED vs. the world" topics belong.
  12. by   HelloWish
    We have 5 men in our nursing class currently. I never really thought of them any differently than anyone else. They are capable and manly! I've seen plenty of male nurses in the hospital too.
  13. by   L&DAthleteNurseBSN
    Male nurses are pretty cool! I've noticed they tend to gravitate towards specialties such as ER and ICU. I dont see any male nurses in my own specialty L&D, but that's a given lol.
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  14. by   kalycat
    Why is it a given? I know several male L & D nurses. It's not like there are only female obstetricians or something. [emoji57](Response is to the poster above me. My quote didn't take)

    OP, I work with a bunch of great nurses, and some are even men!
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