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  1. Coffee Nurse

    Per diem rejections

    O.o So I just looked at my phone, turns out I got a voicemail at literally the same time from the nurse manager asking if I want to come in and see the unit. You know, I try not to rag on HR in general but man... Still -- yay?
  2. Coffee Nurse

    Per diem rejections

    So, so frustrated. Just got a rejection email from a per diem position I applied to four months ago, without so much as an interview. Same thing happened at a different facility maybe eight months ago. I have literally ten years' experience in my specialty, have been a charge nurse, preceptor, etc. I don't understand why I'm not even being called for a face-to-face. Any thoughts/suggestions/insight/commiseration you can offer? Is it worth it to reapply or go to HR's next open house day to show that I really am interested? Thanks
  3. Coffee Nurse

    Post background shading

    OP/other posts the most logical system of shading, IMHO. Frankly shading based on VIPs/community standing/etc. is rather insulting. I don't need to be told which posts best contribute to the conversation, I am capable of reading.
  4. Coffee Nurse

    First Reaction to Changes

    I miss posts by the OP being highlighted in a different color.
  5. Coffee Nurse

    Is there a nurse on the plane?

    One time when my family was on a trans-Atlantic flight, the crew paged for a doctor and my dad (MD) and mom (RN) both responded. A passenger had passed out and regained consciousness, but did not speak enough English to communicate with my dad and answer his questions. It was my mom who thought to check the person's passport to determine what sort of translator they needed
  6. Coffee Nurse

    New nurse need help!!!!

    Clinical (as in academic clinical) experience does not count as experience. Be very careful not to fudge the line here, because hiring managers know better.
  7. Coffee Nurse

    nhs providing onp

    The ONP isn't different for different specialities; it's just a general orientation to working in the UK healthcare system. What country are you licensed in? You do know that there's a whole long application process for registration that you have to go through before you can take the ONP, right?
  8. Coffee Nurse

    Do Nurses Still Make *Real* Beds?

    Been making my bed with hospital corners ever since my nurse mother taught me when I was little. My patients today get them, too, even though they're in isolettes or cribs!
  9. I'm kind of curious as to why you have your defenses so high "in nursing" as opposed to your previous profession, but I won't pry. I just don't see the harm in posting a few tidbits about new staff beyond just name and credentials. Certainly nobody is asking for their CV or anything incredible detailed -- just a conversation starter or two that could help ease their integration into the staff.
  10. Coffee Nurse

    NICU certification

    RN licensure is required for both CCRN and RNC.
  11. Coffee Nurse

    Any Suggestions On How To Be More Diplomatic

    Not that this is on-topic at all -- but re-read what DaveDo actually posted; he was making a joke, not contradicting me. "Voilà," incidentally, does not signify approval, it simply means "look there!" To bring this back to some semblance of relevance: Katie5, I think you're reading too much into the "older" vs. "younger" nurses of the OP's post. I don't know what, if any, experience s/he has from the HCP's point of view, but it seems reasonable to interpret that as an generalization, albeit inaccurate, of more vs. less experience. I'm sure the OP doesn't want to be stuck repeatedly by new grads in their 50s any more than by those in their 20s.
  12. Coffee Nurse

    Any Suggestions On How To Be More Diplomatic

    I think it's less a matter of being diplomatic and more a matter of you being more firm from the get-go. I'm all about getting experience for younger nurses -- I'm still one myself, for that matter -- but not at the expense of prolonged pain and aggravation for the patient. It's your body, and you have extenuating circumstances that you should be explaining (briefly) up front as part of your request for an adept IV starter. P.S. The word is "voilà," not "wala." Pet peeve.
  13. Coffee Nurse

    California license application by endorsement

    You can take the boards anywhere, regardless of where you're applying for licensure. You can physically sit them in MO for an application in CA. You do not need to obtain an MO license first. You do not need proof of CA residency. I'm surprised your school couldn't tell you this.
  14. Coffee Nurse

    Going Green

    Don't feed the troll.
  15. Coffee Nurse

    Getting a new license in another State without endorsement

    Wow, that's exactly what I did -- licensed in NH, endorsed to CA! Anyway, endorsing doesn't mean you have to give up your previous license; it just means that CA accepts your NH license as proof that you've fulfilled the CA requirements for licensure.