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Guys- Just wondering why you decided to become a nurse? I just read a posting on the homepage by a male that said something along the lines of our hospital usually starts new grads off at $20/hour... Read More

  1. by   Vito Andolini
    I had a religious calling to enter Nursing. Some family members and my pastor got the same leading - all separately - we had never discussed it prior to my telling my pastor and my Mama that I was feeling like God wanted me to become a nurse. They both said, "I know. He told me the same thing." Now what could I say to that?!!

    I do wish I could work in a religious setting, not secular, and that might come someday. We'll see.
  2. by   Birdbr
    I am not a nurse yet, but hope to be after high school. I want to become a nurse to help people, the pay, nursing jobs are easy to find, it's never the same, you always learn something and there more degree types (diploma, associates, bachelors, masters and now doctorate) and there are teaching jobs and management jobs for when you get old and your back and legs start hurting worse then when you started.
  3. by   cop2bnurse41
    OK! I read every post on this link. This is my second career and I have learned not to take myself so seriously! So this is how I see things. YES I give my patients the best care I can because it makes them feel better and me feel good. I like the hours I like the money and I like the girls!!! If that offends anyone I really dont care! What ever your motivation is to be good at what you do is your business!
  4. by   fitharnn
    I was a Military medic for 4 yrs. When i got out i became a construction equipment mechanic because of the difference in the way that the civilian side is allowed to do their job,its been 15 yrs since then and i have now enrolled in a BSN program at a private college because i still think about the work i used to do and the feeling of satisfaction it gave me.
  5. by   mcknis
    Because I flunked out of Med School. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! Went into nursing to have variety, great pay, able to go to school while working full time, great benefits, and the list just keeps goin. I am young, but hope to stay at this for the rest of my life! Always some place different to go, great upward mobility, and always new people to meet!
  6. by   Ric31
    Im going into nursing due to many factors.

    1. The pay. It is the main factor for most people now a daysa and I am not scared to say that. I need money, I have bills and kids to feed. I cant do that working for $13 an Hour anymore.

    2. I spent 12 years in the Army, I have traveled all over the country and the World. I have had the need to help other my whole life. I like the feeling I get when I help someone.

    3. Flexability, The hours give me time to continue my education. Gives me time with my loved ones. Gives me time to do the things I have not done in the last 13 years due to the routine of day to day grind of 12 hour days and 60= hours work weeks.

    4. To follow my Mother path. I followed my Dads for the last 13 years and I have not alot to show for it. If I would have been smarter 13 years ago I would have chosen this path 1st.

    5. I look darn good in scrubs LOL
  7. by   Stevarius
    I've always wanted to do something that would benefit people and not just myself. Whether it be a firefighter, policeman, military, etc. I didn't discover the nursing career path until recently when my sister passed her boards and became a doctor. I was really interested in sciences already so I was naturally intrigued by the medical field; however, I wanted to have a life. She is always busy now and it's not what I want and I see nursing as a option for me, preferably in the ER. But that could change as I'm only a student.

    Before I even decided on becoming a nurse, one of my female friends thought I was gay and now she's convinced I'm not a hetero.
    Thanks nursing stereotypes!

    Jokes aside, it looks like a field for me as I'm helping others, interacting with scientific material, have some time off outside work, lots of women surround me day-to-day, and not have to be caged inside a cubicle typing on a computer 40 hours a week. Let's see how it goes.

    Also, Scrubs are AWESOME. How can you complain about working in some of the most comfortable clothing known to mankind?
  8. by   brackenhass
    Notwithstanding a lot of the comments here, I feel as though I am going to be redundant. I worked in the mortgage/financial industry for 15 years. I figured it was time to get into a field that will always be in demand. My goal is to become a traveling RN, with a significant bump in wage so my wife can stay home and not have to work. I may have to teach her how to cook first.

    I like the idea of flexibility and wage, but I am finishing up pre-reqs now and will apply to several nursing schools in the spring. I do like helping people, even if it means cleaning up vomit/blood/feces....u get the idea. I need a career not a job....never too late to start!
  9. by   Ace587RN
    its one of those jobs that even if you make a buck, people dont hate you, unlike hated professions. Attorneys anyone?
  10. by   Aquarius85
    I believe i was born to be a nurse, this is something that struck me a couple of years ago. Ive had a tough life, but at the same time I have gained a lot from that which I think will help me become a better nurse.

    Would also like to say thank you to the TV Show ER, who opened my eyes. Sometimes it is those little signs that can change your life.

    my biggest dream in life, to become the greatest nurse in the world.
  11. by   CASTLEGATES
    Want me to lie? Grades! I didn't have the 4.0 needed for medical school so nursing was it for me. Soon as I can start my new job I'm hitting the books for that doctorate and not stopping till I get it (PhD but it'll do). I learned as a 22 year old RN, I was too immature to hit 4.0's...I wasn't done partying! Nowadays a 4.0 is a cinch!
  12. by   DITN
    I had no idea what I wanted to do once I entered my community college.

    I picked the EMT course because it seemed interesting and I soon found out that I really liked, and am good at, health care related stuff.

    The EMT course was absurdly easy. I don't believe I got under a 92 on any of my tests, and the clinicals were similarly without any serious difficulty. I passed the NREMT in 70 questions and that was that.

    I decided against becoming a paramedic because in Florida you must also be a Firefighter to get hired by the state, and I'm not into firefighting; too dangerous and physical for me.

    So nursing seemed the logical choice. From what I read, I didn't really think radiology was for me, and neither was being a surg tech. I'm now doing my prerequisites for the ADN program, of which there are a ton! I took the easy ones first -psychology and sociology - and am now knocking out the more difficult science ones as well as the two English composition classes I have to take.

    Can't wait to get to the good stuff and get accepted into the program.
  13. by   raisonbrancruch
    Im not a nursing student. However this career has been pondering my mind for over a year. The reason is I'm 18, still young and really don't know if this is something I want to do. Though the reason why I want to become a nurse, is to dedicate my life to my mother. She passed in 06, knowing why she became a nurse is something I feel eternally great full for. I can see greatness in life if I go into nursing. I guess only time will tell.