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  1. I Just Have To Say

    A bleeding pregnant woman who had stopped to explain her problem, who was not behaving in a violent or threatening manner toward police or anyone else (assuming she wasn't, don't know for sure), did not deserve to be tackled by 2 grown men in uniform...
  2. Abandonment?

    I guess you need to ask a lawyer and/or the state BON. Was any harm done?
  3. Are these grounds for termination legitimate

    Just a reaction to having to go to Gram's funeral - while I certainly understand the sentiment, it was not totally essential to go. I have had relatives, close ones, pass while I was working out of state and it would have been way too costly to go to...
  4. Are these grounds for termination legitimate

    Get a lawyer and sue them for whatever you can. They sound like they don't appreciate you at all. They sound like evil, idiotic jerks. Of course, I have only heard your side of this - have there been other problems? Not trying to stir a hornet'...
  5. Medication Errors and Write-ups

    In a non-punitive environment, yes. When punitive conditions prevail, staff are forced to survive and protect themselves. Also, does timeline matter? A vit can be taken any time. It's not critical. And lots of meds fall into that territory. Also, how...
  6. Unless there is a risk of passing HIV on to the patient, such as via surgery, why does a patient need to know that the doctor is +?
  7. Medication Errors and Write-ups

    Punitive is wrong. A good way to handle an error is to ask the doc to give you an order to cover what you gave or didn't give. "Hold multivit today" "Give multivit at 2100 with food" (some people get nausea if taking meds on upset stomach) See...
  8. Gagging a Drunk

    Nurses deserve to be safe and we are responsible for patients' safety, too. Any restraint of patients must be done humanely, respecting the patients' dignity and safety. It should be the least restrictive yet effective restraint, for the briefest ...
  9. We're out of ideas.....can you help?

    Maybe he needs higher doses. Maybe a full psych eval, med changes. Maybe he will go into tub or shower with his clothes on and get into dry clothes afterwards. not ideal, better than nothing? Maybe you can tell the family he will have to leave if t...
  10. pro life to work in ER OR OB

    I must beg to differ, with all respect to your statements. Any religion, Catholic, the many Protestant denominations, the various Jewish denominations, and any other religion you choose must have some basic, fundamental beliefs or it's not really a r...
  11. Today, yes. What about tomorrow, as more and more jobs are lost, and more and more new nurses enter the market here?
  12. OR Pet peeves

    boarding pass?
  13. Too Uptight?

    There are some things we learn in school that are not done the same way in the real world, right? We learn as we gain experience that some shortcuts are safe, even though different than what we were taught. We even design new procedures that are be...
  14. HELP! the adon stealing out of the med cart?

    Not using the MAR is a good way to miss new orders. If the DON and Admin won't take action, your next step is the owner, assuming he or she is not also the Admin, DON, or ADON. Right? Please take to heart what I said about getting in trouble for giv...
  15. Registered Practical Nurse Vs a Personal Support Worker

    Is an RPN in Canada the equivalent of an RN in the USA? Dang, it would have saved me a lot of time if I had known she was not in America!! My bad, I should have asked. Is there a Canadian equivalent of an LPN?