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  1. brackenhass

    What is expected from ATI TEAS Test?

    I was in a panic about taking the TEAS test as well. It's like a mini-SAT test. My advice, at least on the math portion, is to actually WORK OUT the problem. Write it down as you do it. You will retain the information for better recall come test time. Also, if you are stumped on a word problem in the study guide, type it just as it is written in Google. There are people who have worked them out step-by-step. I hadn't done Algebra in years. I ended up scoring a 97% on the math portion after about a week of studying. You can do it. Like others have said, don't over think it and go with your first answer. There are some easy questions that make you actually ask yourself, "was the question REALLY that easy?" Don't over think it. Good luck!
  2. brackenhass

    Guys- what made you want to become a nurse?

    Notwithstanding a lot of the comments here, I feel as though I am going to be redundant. I worked in the mortgage/financial industry for 15 years. I figured it was time to get into a field that will always be in demand. My goal is to become a traveling RN, with a significant bump in wage so my wife can stay home and not have to work. I may have to teach her how to cook first. :) I like the idea of flexibility and wage, but I am finishing up pre-reqs now and will apply to several nursing schools in the spring. I do like helping people, even if it means cleaning up vomit/blood/feces....u get the idea. I need a career not a job....never too late to start!