Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

  1. Greetings Fellow Brothers in Nursing,

    Trying to find comfortable scrubs for MEN, not women, not unisex.
    I feel like the unisex/women oriented scrubs tend to/ are meant to emphasize feminine features; I do not want scrubs that make me look like I swing the in the wrong direction.

    Just looking for a pair of scrubs that are made specifically for men and are comfortable.
    What are your recommendations?

    Thank you,
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  3. by   CallLightDisco
    I think Dickies scrubs look good on dudes. I hardly wear scrubs anymore, but the low rise and all the other junk annoys the heck out me!
  4. by   GrumpyRN
    Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

    Going by the title of this thread I would say; if you think your butt looks big then it probably is big.

    Sorry, could not resist as that is what I told my female colleagues if they asked that question - they soon stopped asking me.
  5. by   mrcleanscrubs
    @ CallLightDisco

    Cool Username lol! I like it!
    I will have to check Dickies out, I absolutely hate low rise. Thank you!
  6. by   mrcleanscrubs
    @ GrumpyRN

    LOL! Title was meant as a joke, but that is a good one lol!
  7. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    Carhart ripstop pants are "manly" scrubs.
  8. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yep I got 8 pair of Carhart Black (can't stain en when I spill coffee or whatever on them) and I love them
  9. by   adrianjh99
    Cherokee's men's scrub line is comfortable and masculine. That's all I wear
  10. by   ruby_jane
    I have nothing to add but this post made me laugh like a hyena this morning. Thank you!
  11. by   OldDude
    I wear cargo pants instead of scrubs. All the pockets tend to soften the lines and I feel more confident when I'm having those "big butt" days.
  12. by   djh123
    I've got Cherokee and Landau (I keep wanting to say 'Lantus' :^), and I think they're ok.
  13. by   Coffee Nurse
    Unisex scrubs emphasize feminine features? That's news to me
  14. by   OldDude
    Quote from Coffee Nurse
    Unisex scrubs emphasize feminine features? That's news to me
    HaHa! I think it would just emphasize the "prominent" or woman...but then, so would a toga