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Trauma and Acute Care Surgery
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mrcleanscrubs has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.

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  1. mrcleanscrubs

    Vanity Plates?

    Random curiosity propelled me to create this post. Have you ever seen anyone driving in your town, city, or highway with those license plates that state, RN, PA, NP, MD on the back? What do you all think about that? Is that something you would consider doing? What benefits could you see from doing it; or do you think the negatives of having one of those plates outweigh the positives? Why would you, or why wouldn't you get professional vanity plates? -mrcleanscrubs
  2. mrcleanscrubs

    White Plains Hospital NP Role & Salary

    Calling all NPs that work at White Plains Hospital in Westchester, NY! I was thinking about working there as an ACNP. Do you or someone you know work there? If so, what does the salary start at (round about) and how are your roles or responsibilities on the floors? -MrCleanScrubs
  3. mrcleanscrubs

    Somebody Burn Me I Must Be Dreaming!

    Hi ICU-BSN, BSN, RN! Wow, thank you so much for your extensive response! You really opened my eyes to the various possibilities that I may come to encounter in my soon so be work experience! I will definitely take you up on asking questions should I have any- I am sure I will have plenty to ask! haha! Thank you again! -MrCleanScrubs
  4. mrcleanscrubs

    Somebody Burn Me I Must Be Dreaming!

    Greetings Everyone! It brings me such great joy to announce that I have recently accepted a position at a Level One Trauma Center on a Trauma and Burn Surgical Step Down Unit. I am calling on all Trauma, Burn, and Medical Surgical Nurses to inform us on the kind of patients they receive. What kind of trauma patients are you presented with most frequently? What are some of the most helpful tips you have for a new Trauma and Burn Surgical Nurse? What brought you into Trauma and Burn Nursing? What are some of the hardest things to deal with as a Trauma and Burn Nurse? (In any and all respects)* If there was one thing that you could say would be most important for me to know, what would it be? If you could only give me one piece of advice, what would your greatest piece be? I am ecstatic about starting my career in Nursing; I have been waiting for this moment ever since I was five years old! Thank You All! Your Friend, MrCleanScrubs
  5. mrcleanscrubs

    NPs Performing Surgical Procedures!?

    @Dodongo , Hey Dodongo! Wow! That is pretty impressive! Do you mind me asking what state this is in? I'm in NYC. How do you like general surgery? What are some of the things you do day to day in your role as a General Surgery NP? I completely agree with you about learning medical management before going into such a specialized practice dealing primarily with procedures. Thank you for your extensive post!
  6. mrcleanscrubs

    NPs Performing Surgical Procedures!?

    Greetings All, Nurse Practitioners now, more than ever, are practicing to the fullest extent of their state's Nurse Practice Acts. I am interested in pursuing further education in efforts to attain an advanced practice degree as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. My question for you all: Are you a Nurse Practitioner who has worked / is currently working in Interventional Radiology? If so, what procedures do you perform regularly? What steps did you take in order to secure your position in such a difficult area of practice? If you know anyone who is a Nurse Practitioner that has specialized into Interventional Radiology, what are the procedures they do? (Besides performing histories and physicals/ pre & post operation rounding)* Are any of you interested in Interventional Radiology? I would love to see an increase in the presence of Nurse Practitioners in the specialty of Interventional Radiology! Please share your stories :-) Your Friend, MrCleanScrubs
  7. mrcleanscrubs

    DNP vs MD

    To be quite frank, the DNP vs MD debate is really a joke; and I mean that in the lightest of ways. I love nursing and nursing practice- I aspire to earn my DNP in the near future. However, Nursing and Medicine are in actuality two different tracks. While our education may overlap, they are not identical and truly do not compare to one another; same goes for Physician Assistants. Soon, the Physician Assistants will have doctoral programs, and might be called, "DPA" (who knows) - but even though the PAs can say they go to "medical school" their training still lacks compared to the Medical Doctorate. A doctor is a doctor, is a doctor - all it means is you have achieved higher education. Being a doctor of anything does not deem equivalence to a physician. I may be a Doctor of Nursing Practice, or a Doctor of Physical Therapy, or even a Doctor of Physician Assistant Practice; but that will never equate to Doctor of Medicine. Again, I am not bashing any profession - I personally have met a few Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners who EXCEED the knowledge of some of the Physicians I have encountered - but these are just a few. I think a lot of the physicians feel as if they are being, "cheated" of "their title." All of this time, being a "doctor" meant medical doctor- but now the times have changed and EVERYONE is getting a doctoral degree; and there's nothing wrong with that. I think that the evolving field of healthcare needs to adjust to these changes and everyone should introduce themselves by their title, for example: "Hi, I'm Dr. Max, I am one of the Physicians in this hospital." or "Hi, I'm Dr. Joe, I am one of the Nurse Practitioners in this hospital." Besides all of the political ideas regarding titles and names, I really think it is best not to over generalize by saying, "All physicians don't even see the patients" or anything like that- I think that we all are very important team members that deliver care to patients. Those student doctors or physicians really are inferior if that is what they are posting on that site- not every physician thinks that way. I think only insecure people are inclined to make such generalizations on both sides of the fence- we really are ONE TEAM and we work together. Respect goes a long way, I treat the custodians with the same respect I give to the CEO's... I think being a DNP is an AMAZING achievement, but not everyone with a DNP is knowledgeable and good at what they do; same goes for the MD. At the end of the day, those letters after our names mean nothing to our patients; it is the care we delivered and how we delivered it that makes all of the difference. We are ALL huge players of the healthcare team, we work together - there really is no competition (only on those silly forums that insecure people vent on). Kindly, MrCleanScrubs
  8. mrcleanscrubs

    Day vs Night Personalities

    @ScottMedicRN Great observation! I too have noticed this in the hospitals I have been in. I think it has to do with the culture of the unit and the people on nights. Also, it should be noted that during night shift (depending on your facility), all you really have is each other (nurses). Usually, the on call physicians and nurse practitioners are not around and you really have to work as a team. Days may be more hectic and high stress due to the pure business of the morning- everyone has a million things to do and may be on edge. Also, families are around and that might add to the stress. Again, not saying this is written in stone- just saying this is what I have personally observed. Kindly, MrCleanScrubs
  9. mrcleanscrubs

    Men not helpful

    "Men are strong and they have bigger lung capacity and they are more powerful than us women yet they refuse to use that physical power." Are you implying that women are weak? -This is so wrong. I think this whole post needs to be reevaluated. I do not care if the guy is a professional body builder and lifts dumpsters on his free time- he is not there to serve you. Men are not mules, we are not to be discriminated against and used as such tools. I understand asking a team member for help and assistance, but to present such a task as, "male only" is not only wrong on your end, it is also discrimination. Use a Hoyer Lift or another assistive device; I refuse to be used as a lifting tool just because I am a man. I am a nurse- not your personal lifting servant. -MrCleanScrubs
  10. mrcleanscrubs

    Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

    LMAO! This was funny!
  11. mrcleanscrubs

    How to call a provider at 3 am

    Anyone who feels as though they may need to call a provider in the middle of the night should do so, and with no remorse or fear. Why, you may be asking? Well, the provider on call is at home, in bed, sleeping, and getting paid a nice salary to answer that phone when need be. I have heard many nurses say they are afraid to call the provider in the middle of the night. This attitude needs to shift into another direction; if a provider is mad at the nurse for calling about the welfare of a patient, then that provider is acting completely unprofessional and obviously does not care enough about their patients to be bothered for less than five minutes. We receive such grief from providers for doing the right things. We, as nurses, are on our feet for 12 to 16 hours over night, by our patients' sides, non stop providing care. Do you think I am going to think twice about calling a provider in the middle of the night? Nope :-)
  12. mrcleanscrubs

    If Stress Burned Calories, All Nurses Would Be Super Models

    That's a good way to relax! A nice book and some coffee.
  13. Hey Everyone! I hope everything is going well in your lives! Just wanted to reach out to you all to get an idea of how you all perform self care. Tell me about your hectic schedules, and what you do to just take a minute and care for yourself. Do you have a special day every week designated for relaxation or fun? What do you do on these days? What is your favorite way to just unwind and relax? I cannot wait to hear all of your stories and strategies! Warmly, MrCleanScrubs
  14. mrcleanscrubs

    Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

    Thank you everyone for all of the awesome suggestions! I'm still looking through everyone's ideas, so keep 'em coming! I would also like to add that in no way, shape, or form was, "swing in the wrong direction" meant to hurt anyone's feelings - as this is a figure of speech. No specific intentions or ill feelings behind it. Kindly, MrCleanScrubs
  15. mrcleanscrubs

    Do these scrubs make my butt look big!?

    THIS! This is hysterical, thanks for the laugh!
  16. mrcleanscrubs

    March 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "Which Seamus was here first???"