Are men not as neat as women nurses?

  1. So I'm a nursing student and my instructor today said "A man must have been teaching in the classroom! It's a mess!"

    She also went on about how most male nurses are sloppy and messy.

    I was like "really?"

    When I worked as a CNA I would NEVER leave my rooms messy. I liked having nice and tidy rooms!

    Do you think male nurses are messy?
  2. Poll: Do you think male nurses are not as neat as women nurses?

    • Yes

      21.55% 25
    • No

      76.72% 89
    • Never worked with a male nurse

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  4. by   loriangel14
    I work with a few and I have never noticed any trend towards them being messy.Your teacher shouldn't be making comments like that.You can't generalize people and doing it because of someone's gender is wrong.
  5. by   LVN_Soon2Be
    Thank you! Us guys in the class (there are about 5 of us) got a little offended! It doesn't matter about somebody's gender when it comes to neatness!
  6. by   loriangel14
    Well I will admit to not being the neatest person.... at home anyways
  7. by   Esme12
    I think your instructor need to stop making sexist comments. I have found messy nurses in both genders. It's personality trait not a gender issue.

    At work I'm a little anal .....At home.....My hubby is as neat as a pin...I'm a little more ....shall I say.....casual....
  8. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    What a sexist stereotypical comment. If you were to say something to her about all females are xyz she would throw a fit. People like this need to be called out and reported. It shows she already views male students as slobs and a step below female students.
    Was the previous instructor a male?
  9. by   HouTx
    What an offensive comment. Here's a test to find out whether it was appropriate or not. Imagine the outcry if that statement was "A _______ (minority group) must have been teaching in the classroom! It's a mess!". Everyone would automatically be offended, right? Prolly not enough of an issue to take action about, but that instructor bears watching because to me, this comment indicates some anti-male bias.
  10. by   vargumedo
    The instructors comment wasn't meant to offend any one. I'm a male nurse. And I keep a neat working environment. However, in my opinion. It doesn't matter if the nurse is either male or female. If someone has messy habits. Then that's what makes them messy. Maybe she knows a few messy guys. But messy people are just messy people. Even if they try to change the habits. People sometimes still fall back to their old habits.
  11. by   casi
    Your teacher has a bug up her butt. There are messy nurses of all genders. You should see my workspace at night. Charts, MARs, and paperwork thrown everywhere.
  12. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    Quote from vargumedo
    The instructors comment wasn't meant to offend any one. ...
    It is not a matter of offense, it is a matter of her attitude and perception of men (messy=male) and her sexisim (which could lead to discrimination).
    If she thinks men are messy, she will see messy men and ignore all the ones that are not. She will see that one male in the class who is a bit messy compared to the other males (but maybe not near as messy as a female) and ride him for it.
    Are men messy, yes. Are women messy, yes. Not all (or even most) are though.
  13. by   LVN_Soon2Be
    It was offensive. And the previous instructor (who taught a class the previous evening) was male. It kinda did offend me, because I felt she was generalizing all men. She is a good instructor though and wants us to be great nurses... but some of the comments she is making...
  14. by   Concerto_in_C
    Seen plenty of women nurses get fired for negligence, so I think it's a personality issue, not a gender issue. I've been a nurse for 6 years without any issues such as messiness/sloppiness and if anything, next year will be even better and more enjoyable.

    You know what? Just from my own observations in the unit, from the comments I overheard, it looks like women are just extremely jealous of us men because they believe we have "special privileges" in the unit. They don't accept that all the successes I had were earned. Nobody ever gave me anything for free because of a special status.

    It's jealousy-hence the hostile comments such as "men are not as neat" and so forth.

  15. by   systoly
    i wouldn't get offended by that comment,
    after all, it was made by a typical woman
    seriously guys, those kind of comments aren't worth
    anybodies time, but get used to them and just laugh