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  1. Concerto_in_C

    Study Book For Cardiac/Vascular Certification?

    Recommend a book to study for this certification? I've seen some $800 books on Amazon. Some kind of a ripoff by unscrupulous people.
  2. Concerto_in_C

    Kicked out of nursing school, I don't know what to do now

    I know somebody who got kicked out of nursing school, waited couple years and was admitted to a new school. So in the grand scheme of things, your misfortune is not fatal. The real question is do you want to be in this profession? This is one of those events that happens to test your resolve to be a nurse. It didn't happen because people hate you. It's just a test and it's not the end. I don't like being a nurse. It's degrading and it destroys my self-esteem. So even though I never got kicked out of the program, maybe I should have been. It would have been a favor and a blessing. Sometimes God throws a wrench in your sprockets because he has your back and he wants to steer you towards a different career that will be more fulfilling.
  3. Concerto_in_C

    Fresh nurse from school

    It's a sexist industry that believes men should work in critical care or ER. Or they believe men should be nurse anesthetists and stuff like that. So if you are trauma helicopter nurse or a critical care nurse they will like you because that fits their expectations. But in lower acuity settings you will have a lot of competition and you will meet managers who don't always like men on the floor. I've never worked in critical care so I fail most interviews. For last 3 years I've survived thanks to contracts. Contract agencies will always hire you because travel agency jobs are worthless. They pay a good hourly rate but that's the least important thing when you are looking at the whole compensation package.
  4. Travel agencies are only interested in quick profit and they have no interest in you as a professional and they have no interest in helping you develop your career as part of the organization. Some travel agencies have engaged in Medicare and Medicaid fraud. There have been convictions and hefty fines. Travel agencies pay higher hourly wage than staff positions. This can be useful at various points in your life, but I think in the long run you lose, you miss out an growth opportunities. There are perks and benefits of working full time for a reputable company that offer you as much, if not more, value than the hourly rate. Generally speaking, the best companies to work (in any industry) are great because they create a climate that helps you develop to your fullest potential, something agencies couldn't care less about. That's why everybody wants to work for a Fortune 100 company or Fortune 500 company. Nobody wants to work for Johnie Doe's Travel Agency. But if you have the choice between running out of money or taking a travel assignment, then you should grab the contract because it will give you time to think and plan and organize your next career move.
  5. Concerto_in_C

    How long can you be with one hospital as a travel nurse?

    I've stayed at one hospital for 9 months but this is unusual. 3 months is typical. I've met a nurse who's had the same travel assignment for 2.5 years. This is probably a record.
  6. Concerto_in_C

    New jobs leaves me feeling incompetent and nonconfident

    I think you have unrealistic expectations as a new nurse. You are operating in an environment where it's normal for a floor nurse to have 20 years of experience. I've been a nurse for 10 years but some of my fellow nurses have been on the floor since the early 1970s. This means they have 40+ of experience. I love them to death, they are your greatest asset. Look to them for guidance. You are too green to take on those people and impress them. Hang in there. I mean hang in there for 5 years and lets have this conversation again. When you have several years of experience try to specialize so you can get off the general hospital floor. You can specialize in anything you want--cath lab, midwife, IR radiology nurse inserting PICC lines, anything you want. On a general medical floor you will forever work with management that believes floor nurses are stupid. Stupid nurses who are a liability more than an asset. It's the sandbox mode where you learn the basics. I've been learning the basics for 10 years now and I still need more practice to improve.
  7. Concerto_in_C

    What's the real deal with Travel Nursing?

    Been a travel nurse for 3 years. I like my recruiter and have known her for 2 years but some people who have approached me on LinkedIn or Facebeeok had tried a bait-and-switch trick on me which I didn't find amusing. There are something like 70 of those sleazy salesmen in my email box. It's far better to find a recruiter you can trust, even if money is average, than go shopping for the best pay rates offered by people you don't know.
  8. Concerto_in_C

    2017 Fall Chattahoochee Tech Nursing Program

    I wish I was dismissed 12 years ago. I would have picked a better career. Sometimes an event like this is a gift.
  9. Concerto_in_C

    New nurse.. Just want to quit everything..

    Lower your expectations of your peers and employer. When your expectations are low, you will be like me. Every day will be a good day.
  10. Concerto_in_C

    Are advanced practice RNs finding work?

    I've been getting signals similar to yours. Scarce jobs for APNs, but plentiful jobs for BSNs, so many nurses wonder if it's worth abandoning bedside BSN with a gazillion jobs out there and plenty of flexibility. They tell me that while the demand for FNP is lower, the demand for PAs (physician assistants) is very high. However, that's a different career path.
  11. Concerto_in_C

    Are advanced practice RNs finding work?

    I'm getting spammed by countless colleges and universities offering Advanced Practice degrees, usually online. Typically this is a master's degree from some Saint Boniface Nursing College in some random state, or some other ridiculous sounding institution I've never heard of before. Generally, this is not a good sign. Educational opportunity spam usually means questionable career outcomes, leading to mediocre enrollment figures, hence they spend tons of money on advertising trying to get people to sign up with their program. What's really going on with the job market for APNs? Are people finding work? If they find work, are they finding work conditions, autonomy of practice, and compensation commensurate with their greater educational achievement, so they feel the extra 2-5 years in grad school was worth it?
  12. Concerto_in_C

    Question for nurses that are male...

    They patronize us to make us feel better but in their eyes we are dudes who weren't manly enough to hack medical school. Hence the awkward naming rules.
  13. Concerto_in_C

    Question for nurses that are male...

    LOL, you are the one who is a candidate for a new profession. Look at the anger in your reply. Thanks for your advice. I wish I made it past your first sentence but I lost interest.
  14. Concerto_in_C

    Question for nurses that are male...

    Being male is not relevant to how your career will progress. What's relevant is this is a nasty industry to work in. You will be working with people who spent 30 years eating garbage, drinking alcohol, doing drugs. They smoke a pack of cigarettes before going to ER with shortness of breath. They will blame the nurse and the physician if they don't have good outcome after 3 days of frantic therapy at the hospital--after they had spent 30 years destroying their health. This is akin to drivers blaming Ford Corporation because their driving sucks. Very ungrateful industry to work in and the worst customers in the world. Like anything new it gets you excited because it's new, but veteran nurses have the lowest career satisfaction scores in the world. I thrive in nursing because I have very low expectations of my employers. Because I have low expectations, I'm never disappointed.
  15. Concerto_in_C

    RN shortage

    The only evident shortage I've seen is for temp nursing jobs offered by agencies. The agencies are spamming the web with millions of job ads. This is presumably because they charge the hospitals over $100/hr but pay you only $40+. When I apply for a full time job with benefits generally i don't get called. I have 9 years of experience and my resume is strong. Working with temp agencies is not for everybody. They can be quite predatory. Some nurses love them others can't stand them. I have been successful working with agencies my standard of living went up because money is good plus you are never bored. Keep in mind even if you are the best nurse in town there are millions others who have your skills plus they are flooding the market with foreign nurses educated overseas. If you want a smoking hot resume you must go to grad school. There is no escaping this in the end...