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So out of curiosity what is up with this member rating thing? Are we supposed to rate each other based on our thoughts of how well they know information or is this just an adult version of a popularity contest. I only ask because I go to work and am scrutinized based on performance, come home to be scrutinized and find one place of solace in this bulletin board only to now have it's own system of I'm better than you. Maybe I am over reacting to such a tiny thing that no one else sees as a problem. :confused:


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I think it's a beauty contest and it is my least favorite new change of the update.

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I'm not sure what we are supposed to rate each other on, and who's idea was this anyway and why??? Now I feel alittle intimidated to post any thing at all. I hope it doesn't turn out to be like the Nursing Spectrum BB where every one became too clique-e, there was a big fight and alot of posters decided to leave and take a break away from the BB. That's when I really got involved with this BB because I felt more welcomed here. Now all of a sudden there's a rating system for each one of us. Someone please enlighten us on this new concept. I really want to stay here, but if it's going to become a popularity contest, or an essay contest, I really don't want to be involved or scrutinized in any way, shape or form. Maybe I'm just over reacting. Help me Brian, What is this all about :( ???

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And with all that said, I'm a four star general. Holy moley! This is the first time I was ever rewarded for speaking my mind. Thank you to whoever gave me a good rating. You made my day!!! I'm serious ;)


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So what is this member rating thing ? I really don't know .


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Personally, I think everyone deserves 5 stars!!!! After all, we ARE nurses!! null :D


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All it is is a little feature that can come with the BB's really not that big of a deal. Just ignore it if you don't like it.


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I don't understand the rating system either and want an explanation. Is it a popularity contest, a rating of the member's knowledge or what? How do you think someone would feel if they got a 1 star rating?? I think the whole thing is petty and further "rates" people in an already competitive world. I thought this board was a place where we could discuss things freely and not feel judged. Whomever stated that the rating system is a feature of some bulletin boards, I don't believe that. I've posted on lots of boards and never seen anything like it. I really enjoy visiting but am considering erasing it from my favorites list and never posting here again if the powers that be can't give me a good reason why they have changed to this system. I don't feel good about it and can't just "ignore it". And I'm sorry if I appear overly-sensitive, but I'm not here to be rated.

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First of all, we appreciate everyones feedback, thanks!

OK, OK, We have removed the rating system. :)

We recently upgraded the BB software and the member rating was a new option, so we thought we would check it out and see what people thought. It is clear that many of you did not like the idea, which is fine, so we removed the member rating system.

Thanks again for your feedback, continues to grow because of our loyal visitors. Our primary goal is to provide you all with a great website to interact with each other!!

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