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hi go0d day everyone!:)

im currently reviewing for my nclex rn exam on jan 26 :heartbeat (please include me in your prayers!! thanks thanks). has been my guru regarding NCLEX! hehehe.. :yeah:im so glad i found your site.. thanks a lot...:)

today i realized that pharmacology is my real weakness. ive also read a lot about meds here - tips and more. its just that i want to know, especially from those who took the exam recently - jan and dec, anything about meds you had on your exam... and any personalized tips for me regarding pharma.. please please... thanks..:)


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I did not take it recently but would suggest you go over the endings and what class they go with. For example:

-lol ( propranolol ) is a Beta-Blocker what are 3 common side effects of all beta-blockers. Then think of patient teaching that goes with beta-blockers. ( was not on my exam )

Good luck.

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Have a read here in the forum as there are a couple of good threads and meds is mentioned in the random facts thread


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thank you.. ill gonna look for that thread... i need to know more about meds...


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Good to see that the OP passed her exam!

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