Medical Terminology: To Take or Not to Take?


I am considering taking medical terminology next quarter online, but was not sure if I should take it. All the nursing schools I am applying to, do not require the class...but I thought it might be a good class to take. Suggestions? Has anyone taken the class? Thanks!

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It's helpful to take before A&P. It probably helps after, but you'll be passingly familiar with more terms in the class at that point.


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I took it in the classroom last semester and the knowledge I learned has been extremely helpful for me in Anatomy this semester! Anatomy is hard in any extra push is great. I would definitely take it...the knowledge you learn will stick with you. = )


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I loved my medical terminology class, it was so fun and I learned a lot. I certainly don't think it would be a waste of your time if you took it, even if you don't need to.


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I personally recommend it. I'm taking Health Assessment now and it certainly has prepared me in composing my Care Plans. :up:. I still have my textbook and use it as a supplemental resource time & time again.


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It was an easy class, I took it to beef up my GPA. To be honest though, you can buy the dictionary and learn just as much. The whole class for me was about memorizing, then I think we had to write a two page paper using some medical terminology.


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I see that you have already received several replys on this but I just wanted to add to the list and say it is class I think is great for any future health care pro. I am currently taking Med term. and it is so helpful. In my class it is not only the word parts but so much more. We go over diseases and ways to treat/diagnose them. Anywho it is a great class and if you have the time and the $$ I say go for it, it can only help you!


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Thanks to all your responses. I decided to take the class and am registered for it next quarter. :) I hope it goes well. Thanks again! :)


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Good choice! I am taking Medical Terminology I right now and love it. It has been very helpful for A&P I, which I am also taking this semester.

I just enrolled in Medical Terminology II for the Spring semester, along with A&P II.

Let us know what you think!

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Very good choice to take the class! I am taking it right now online. I have already taken A+P I and II, so it is sort of a refresher for me, but extremely helpful. You will learn a lot, and it will help you in your other classes.


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I'm registered to take it next semester as well.


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I was required to take it, and took it along with A&P, which I found to be quite helpful.