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I graduate in 5 days and I'm torn between Med/Surg and a clinic. I know as an LPN my options are limited, and I also know that if I go into Med/Surg first, I'll be more marketable in the future. I'm... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    Before I graduated from nursing school I was one of those who thought oh, who me no I don't need to go to med-surg first why there are so many areas I can do before med-surg. Well, it turned out that I was literally thrown into med-surg and it has been honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had some serious difficult moments but can anyone honestly say a certain area will not have their difficult moments. Come on I dare the person who can honestly say that. However, I do not regret one minute of the experience I have gained. Some nights are just the same but many others are NOT. I learn something new each and every night I work and if you are not learning some new in med-surg then something is wrong with that individual person not the floor they are working on. When we get out of school it is up to each individual person what they continue to learn. IT is a choice and we all have choices.

    I would say do med-surg. I have been a R.N. on a med-surg floor for 7 months now and it is amazing how much I have learned, how my fear level diminishes more and more each day. If you can handle med-surg for a year or even two then the sky is virtually the limit. You will have so many more opportunities available to you compared to someone who becomes very specialized right away. I personally will not do med-surg longer than 2 years because I have other interests that I really want to pursue but I know if it was not for this med-surg experience I would not be able to pursue those other interests.

    Med-surg is a speciality in itself it is more of a general speciality but still a speciality none the less. There are nurses in med-surg who have no desire but to do anything but med-surg I give those nurses high respect and a lot of credit and it is time that the nurses in med-surg get the respect they truly deserve. Med-surg is hard work it is not easy and it is challenging.

    I wish you the best!! Good luck to you!!!!!
  2. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Yes by all means go to med surg!!!!!!
  3. by   J Lynn
    Thank you all for the replys and encouragement to go into Med/Surg. I have my resume at a clinic right now but i'm not limiting myself to clinics. I'm still waiting to take my boards. After I get my license, I'll feel more confindent about going apply at a good teaching hospital I have my sights on.
  4. by   Audreyfay
    Med/Surg is a GREAT place to start. You will learn so much so fast. Glad you made the right choice. What a good Baylor plan!
  5. by   Mommy/Grandma
    Med/Surg is a great place to learn, I am only an LPN for a year, been working Med/Surg 6 months and leaving( well just going to work per diem) going to take a postion at Planned Parenthood. The stress level was to much for me at times. Yes each day you get more comfortable and then something new comes your way and you don't know how to handle it and it scares the hell out of you. I say give it a try you will learn alot for no matter how long you are there. But it is not easy, call bells going off, phones ringing, Doc's calling , family asking ?, admissions, discharges, combative patients, patients going down for procedures and you need to help transfer to other bed and all this is happening while you are trying to do your med pass, charting, finger sticks and wound care,start up an IV site that has went bad and help you CNA with patient care if needed, WElCOME TO MED/SURG
  6. by   KacyLynnRN
    I would definitely recommend getting some med/surg experience...I went into med/surg as a new grad LPN 2 years ago, now I am in RN school and my med/surg experience has made my RN studies a lot less difficult. It will suck and be a lot of hard work, (and less pay then LTC or Home Health) but if you plan on going back for your RN, I highly recommend it.
  7. by   J Lynn
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm expecting my license in the mail tomorrow (or not) . My first choice is med/surg.
  8. by   purplemania
    Every job is temporary, even if some last longer than others. And no knowledge is wasted, even if all you learn is this job is not for you. So go with your heart (or pocketbook). You can change your mind later and no one will be the worse for it. Good luck.