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I will be graduating from a RN program in December. Everyone in my group seems to "know" their niche. Most are looking towards CCU/ICU and anything else with a "CU" after it. I am in an ADN program... Read More

  1. by   SFCardiacRN
    God Bless the MedSurg nurse. We sure need 'em. But...my last clinical day in school was the last time I would ever do it again. Med Surg is no doubt the hardest and least respected job in the hospital!
  2. by   Hopalong
    No M/s nurses don't get much respect. For example, last Friday was "employee appreciation day". M/S nurses didn't get to go , we were to busy. I don't think anyone missed us. For some odd reason, we don't care about our no respect status - in fact we thrive on it. That's one of the things that makes what we are. We are M/S nurses and a rare breed indeed.
  3. by   MamaTheNurse
    good for you - there's nothing wrong with liking Med-Surg - when your classmates do their job and get their patients ready to move out of a critical care area, they are going to need someone who knows what's going on because you are the last stop before home!! there is no difference in pay at my hospital for med-surg vs critical care (which sort of peeves the ICU nurses who do the open heart surgery patients) and we have some med-surg nurses who have done it their entire career - they are good nurses with awesome time management skills and the ability to prioritize..........

    we get floated out to med-surg every so often and I really don't mind - our nurse/patient ratio is not overwhelming and it's actually nice sometimes to talk to a patient who can answer your questions (as opposed to sedated ventilator patients!!)

    if you like it, just do it...............
  4. by   erinmichelle
    i have worked med surg for a year and a half and dont think i would like it anywhere else. (never have worked anywhere else and really do not have the desire)
  5. by   NurseCard
    I like Med/Surge pretty well, when I have good nights! I honestly go from hating it one night to absolutely loving it the next. The reason for that, I guess, is that things on a med surge floor can all change on a dime. The acuity level of the entire floor, the census... the overall atmosphere of the floor... it can change like that. *snap!* It's really a great place to work if you don't like to be bored!

    Really, the only other specialties that I personally would ever consider are psyche and peds. My desire to leave Med/Surge is actually waning, though. I'm really starting to like it more and more and finally learning to accept that it is probably going to be forever my specialty. I'm proud that I've survived it for 2+ years. That's more than a LOT of people can say.
  6. by   Thunderwolf
    Yes, we are in the trenches...and love every bit of it!
  7. by   Tweety
    I've been in med-surg for 14 years. I get the "why don't you go to critical care" question freqently, as is med-surg is somewhere where people don't want to stay.
  8. by   Thunderwolf
    Tweety, I've heard it too or why don't you go into management?
    Hey, if I wanted to be in critical care or management, I would have went there.
    Totally agree.
  9. by   nurseMargo
    JustJen, Thank you so much for this wonderful thread. It feels so great to read something positive about being a nurse.
    I haven't started working yet, but i'm optimistic and hope that i'll love my job too.
  10. by   Hopalong
    Sorry, JustJen, but you probably are an oddball. You just have a lot of company,

    For example, today being Halloween most depts. dressed up. When they came to M/S to take pics; none of us had any costume on other than our usual uniforms. I was asked why we didn't participate - I replied that we were busy and only would have gotten our costumes tangled up in IV tubing or worse.

    Oddball? Yeah, and proud of it!
  11. by   melinated
    as a new LPN (1 year) on med/surge floor i have learned way more than what nursing school prepared you for, and i absolutley love it. readin other replies, i totally relate. the flow of the day CAN change in a quick NY minute! it's so true! no lunch, no break it happens, but at the end of the day you can reflect on all that you have done. so maybe i'm weird too!!!
  12. by   crb613
    I am so glad you started this thread! I have been doing clinicals in M/S & I really like it too. I was offered a job last week at my clinical site & I decided this is where I want to start. I like being busy & am no stranger to hard work. My classmates swear when the clinicals are over never to set foot in M/S again! I also love psych........but I could never do peds/OB.
  13. by   Hopalong
    Another reason I love M/S just happened today. We're a small hospital, and we have pts. from 6 weeks to geriatric. One of my 5 patients today was 20 months old and when it was time for his discharge I went over all the usual with his Mom and when I was finished I left the room. I was going down the hallway when I heard the Mom call my name, and I turned around to see the toddler coming at me with a big grin and arms wide open. I grabbed him up in a big hug and coldn't control the tears. Made my day. Just one of the rewards of M/S nursing.

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