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I need some help with shoes. I am a little overweight but trying to correct that problem but I have having some problems with my feet. After being on them awhile, my heels start to burn and my legs... Read More

  1. by   C.W.
    Quarks by Nurse Mates - Very lightweight. I used to have burning calves & burning heels after every shift. I will never wear any thing else.
  2. by   barefootlady
    Any good shoe, that fits correctly, and gives good support should do nicely. I agree that support hose and ortho inserts may be the way you need to go. I wear hose now and wish I had started from day one. Also drink plenty of water at work, and eat fruit and veggie's. Sounds like a lecture but these helped me feel better so I could do my job.
  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from travilinglady
    I swear by my Z-Coils...

    Approximate price?

  4. by   Shamrock
    I'm with traveling - Got my 1st pair of z-coils approximately 2 months ago after trying most everything else mentioned above! For the 1st time in over 13 years my left foot does not hurt with every step. They are pricey - 150.00, but I just bought a new pair off ebay for 75.00, which will be my 3rd pair.
  5. by   J Lynn
    I looked up the Z-Coils and I didn't realize that the heel looked that way. I've never seen those before. Are they really worth the money?
  6. by   Nitengale326
    I too have had problems with me feet and calves.... I had been wearing Nike's and they didn't hold up, Reebok's made my arches feel like they were breaking with every step. Nurse mates made a cute little clog that was great had long wear, but now I can't find a repleacement. Other nursemate's I have tried make my big toe go to sleep with the bend of the toe box. Now I am in Dansko's and swear by them. Even my posture is better. I had also tried rocker's but quickly developed calluses on the soles of my feet. Dansko's have been a life saver for me.... being short, the thick base helps alot!!! LOL
  7. by   suzy253
    When I started clinicals I had problems with my feet and calves being sore as well. I wear either Dansko Jette shows or New Balance sneakers. I have to admit that I bought a couple of pairs of support socks from and they make a world of difference!
  8. by   Shamrock
    Quote from J Lynn
    I looked up the Z-Coils and I didn't realize that the heel looked that way. I've never seen those before. Are they really worth the money?

    As far as I'm concerned they are!! They are ugly as sin but a great converstation starter. As I've said before, I'd wear car hoods on my feet if
    I thought it would help.
  9. by   J Lynn
    Shamrock, thanks for the laugh.
    They are ugly, but your right, comfort over beauty.:chuckle
  10. by   Nitengale326
    I forgot to add.... check with your retailer... some will give nurses discounts on shoes. I got 20% off my dansko's and at $110 a pair, thats a pretty good savings.
  11. by   jenjo29
    I just purchased my first pair of Danskos Professional Clogs in feet already feel better after one day....I paid @$ (the best way to buy shoes in my opinion) I will be buying more in different colors as soon as I graduate in Dec!

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