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Has anyone attended this school? It is approved and licensed by the nursing board of fl but not accredited. And I will be eligible to take my NCLEX at the end of the program. Will the fact that it is not accredited pose problems for me later on as far as further schooling and job placement. My goal is eventually becoming an NP. I have a BA in another field and this RN program completes in 13 months. I have an appointment next Tuesday at the school so I will ask questions, but I'd like opinions if anyone has attended or graduated for there. Thanks in advance!

I went there for the PCT program and it sucked but that's because the instructor was new to it and an LPN graduate to boot (hasn't sat for licensure). The RN instructors are incredibly smart and experienced though. Not having accreditation does mean that classes won't transfer to other schools and there are some jobs that ask for potential employees from accredited schools and this is a major drawback. I think you also have to take either their PCT or LPN course first in order to get into the RN program. It is a short program because it is an accelerated program and, besides holidays off, you don't get the breaks you would in a normal college. It is a lot of information to take in and retain. Please think carefully.


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I have an appointment on 1/7. I have lots of questions. Hopefully I will like the answers and this works out for me. I am on my 2nd career so I don't have time to waste waiting for a HCC or SPC and I really don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on private as I want to get my BSN, MSN and then Nurse practitioner degree. Thats a lot of tuition still to pay... Thanks for the input.


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You can check the Florida Board of Nursing website to see if that school has the proper accreditations. The other thing that you need to check as the previous poster stated "Not having accreditation does mean that classes won't transfer to other schools". All hospitals in FL are moving towards all nurses having a BSN so if your class's wont transfer to a 4 year program it's a waste of time and money. Also, a BA in another field does not apply; you must have a BSN in Nursing. I wish you luck with which ever path you choose to take.

I've always use Allnurses for answers but never contributed, so I feel it is time for me to give back. I'm one of the first lpn to rn graduate there. It was a really intense program. I had a BS and AS in different fields before I went back to school for my lpn and then RN. Our program was 10 months, they use us as test subjects. But I'm glad I went through it. They definitely get you ready for the NCLEX. I do recommend you to get a pct job or any job at a hospital before you graduate. It makes it easier to get a job afterwards, a lot of hospitals are requiring bsn. You can go to South University, Grand Canyon, and Graceland University to get your rn to bsn. Grand Canyon accepts all of MPI credits. It is a little pricey to go to private universities after MPI, but if time is important to you, MPI is the way, and it's cheap. MPI will have all the drama of nursing schools that you can't avoid. Just stick with it and be humble. Clinical sites wasn't good when I was there, but if you are already a lpn it wouldn't matter much. Good luck!


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Hi Spirit,

I have a couple of questions for you.

1. When did you graduate and do you know if there is an evening LPN-RN program?

2. Did you take your LPN at MPI?

3. Did you already take your NCLEX

4. Do you know if Excelsior takes the credits from MPI and sorry 1 more

5. Which school did you end up going to for your BSN? (If you will be getting yours)

Thanks in advance!


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The school is approved under Florida board of nursing but not accredited. AND I WILL START THE LPN TO RN PROGRAM IN NOVEMBER 24.


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The school is approved under florida board of nursing but not accredited.


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I SPOKE TO GRAND CRAYON THIS IS WHAT THEY TOLD ME " I'm not able to find your school.


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please I need more information about this school, am fixing to start this Dec 1st did anybody starting Dec or know somebody who is there already.


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If you want to be an NP, you better go to a real school, as in one that is fully accredited. It is also next to impossible to get a hospital job in the Tampa area without a BSN, with USF pumping out 120 new grads twice a year, plus all the CC's have RN-BSN programs now. I spent an extra year doing the pre-reqs for USF instead of applying to an ADN because I knew this is the reality in the Tampa area.

Just my two cents.


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Ok .. So now that u started what do u think .. ??? I'm thinking about starting in January!! I heard they have an online program ???