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  1. vanni1

    I passed NCLEX on my 5th try in 75 questions!

    I too and going on my fifth time .. registernurse Rn is food I watched some of her videos. Is that were you got most of content ? How many hrs would you study daily? And did you do it by systems ?
  2. vanni1

    NCLEX - RN 2018

    Hello .. how long did you study everyday ... and how many a days week. They say not to over do it.
  3. vanni1

    Just found out I fail

    Hello .. I'm on the same boat as you .. 4 time just found I failed .. im trying to figure out what else to use. I used remar last but it's not as detailed content. I also did uworld . wish I would have done more questions .. I was so close. Content is the key. I see people use Saunders or any content to help. And do questions and more questions.. we will get there really soon. Just take a week off and start again.. good luck
  4. vanni1

    Failed Nclex AGAIN

    Do you know any question answering straiigy books that are good?
  5. vanni1

    Just purchase the REMAR NCLEX REVIEW

    How did it go .. with studying using remar?? Did ya pass i too am thinking about buying the program
  6. vanni1

    ReMar Review

    Yes please why not?
  7. vanni1

    ReMar review

    Hello did you end up using remar.. I'm thinking about using it I'm on my 3rd fail. I've seen a lot of good reviews. Let me know if it worked for you or not?? Thanks
  8. vanni1

    I need help please...failed rn nclex 4 times

    Hello .. just wondering .. you used remar.. I'm planing to get it heared a lot of good things it's my 3rd time taking it. Did you like it ?? Does it really help with content etc??
  9. vanni1

    Failed NCLEX rn 3rd time

    So I just recently found out I failed NCLEX rn for the third time 😩😩😩 so devistated and sad. I used uworld last time and really studied my rationals and redid most of them. I ran out of time and went to 220. What a crazy hard exam that was. I've been hearing a lot about remar for retest takers and sounds great to me. Anyone out there tried it?? How was it?? Please let me know need advise????
  10. vanni1

    Anyone experience with remar?

    Hello I know this thread is old.. but did you end up using remar ?? Thinking about getting it
  11. Hello y'all thinking about using remar failed 3x heard alot of good things ... anyone has advise about it..?? Did it work ??
  12. vanni1

    3rd failed nclex, please help.

    Hello question I'm in the same place failed NCLEX rn for the third time. I'm really thinking about using remar.. but I'm trying to figure which is the best .. so many things out there. Anyways how did you like it?? I see a lot of possitive things with remar. I also used uworld which I think is also good...
  13. vanni1

    NCLEX rn stradegies

    Hello everyone!! I just recently found out I failed for the second time ... anyone know any good test taking strategies programs out there ???
  14. vanni1

    January 2018 Nclex

    I was just wondering where can I find the Marc adi ??? I keep hearing everyone galing about it ?? I just found out I failed for the second time and I used uworld .. I need to figure something g different this time ..
  15. vanni1

    NCLEX rn second time fail

    So I just found out I failed the second time today!!!! I was certain I was going to pass it seemed easier and I got 75-80 questions... not really sure what happened I used uworld and thought that it helped me understand.. but i guess not. Anyone out there in the same position ??? What can I do ?? Helllllp
  16. vanni1

    Failed twice, PLEASE HELP

    I too just found out I failed !!!!! Not fun at all ..I used uworld the first time and Kaplan the first .. I will be using uworld again!!! Just be positive we will get this !!!