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Ok....I have resisted my urge to whine for a while now, but can resist no more! MED/Surg stinks! I am sick to death of it!

(ok, no one remind me that this is the real meat and potatoes of nursing, OK??) My instructor is a she-devil and she is so full of crap most of the time. It is impossible to learn anything from her because I have tried really hard to overlook most of her BS but I have my limit! Lecture is a joke......she talks and talks and never says anything. ENDLESS hours are spent in the book and I never get anywhere, which reminds me, I hate the cardiovascular system! Left sided failure, right sided failure, aortic stenosis, rhythm strips coming out the wazoo....CALGON take me away!

I suddenly find myself HATING school! I can't be burnt out because I'm not even a nurse yet!!! The forces of the universe are laughing like crazy cuz all I have ever wanted to be was a CCU nurse.

OH, and pharmacology.....who was the sadist that thought this stuff up?? We learn it independently at my school. The upcoming pharm test should be fun! I'll try to keep a straight face and resist the urge to start laughing like a mental patient when they hand it out.

I won't even mention those lovely care plans........the ones that I spend all my time doing....I mean it just doesn't matter that all my patients have diseases and disorders a week before I actually learn the material!

Well, sorry so long, thanks for the vent! I feel better now.

Gator (going back to the books!)

oh gator, i'm sorry you're having a rough experience. i'm in a similar situation but not quite as bad as yours (from the sound of it).

and i do believe you can be burntout even though you aren't a nurse officially. i'm burntout with school. not necessairly nursing.

hang in there and i hope it gets better.

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I hear your pain! I love Med-Surg on the floor, but the lecture is ewwwwwwww awful! And we haven't even gotten to CV yet...I am dreading that because I seem to have the worst time with the heart. Anyway, hang in there!


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Amen, girlfriend!! I couldn't stand my Med/Surg rotation, although my instructor kicked butt.

I love it when you do databases and careplans for 7 hours only to show up and a) the person has gone home, b) they are now toe-tagged or c) by some miracle the doctor has cured their ailments and they are now in the lounge doing the Macarena on the table.

I wish you luck. Med/Surg is not my thing either. I just looked at clinicals and said, "There's another dept. I don't want to work in."



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Hello Gator, care plan hater !!:chuckle

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately it's not close enough !

I feel your frustration... sometimes I wish I'd gone with a self-directed program.. the lectures are boring.. I can read through the book on my own time.. finding myself counting down the months.

Sorry I can't offer too many words of encouragement tonight, but you know I'm rooting for you !:)


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What part of your program are you in. I hated Med-Surg for ohhhh....all of my first year, but I really like it now. My deal is ortho/neuro...I seem to become a blundering idiot when I get there (don't know why..)

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Hang in there are can you sign up for your next clinicals with a different instructor?



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Originally posted by renerian

Hang in there are can you sign up for your next clinicals with a different instructor?


I really admire and enjoy working with my clinical instructor. I am very lucky to have been ASSIGNED to her for my first semester. We asked if we would have her again and she said no, they assign them and want us to learn from various instructors and we have no choice in it. With my luck, I will have the best this semester and next semester get the instructor from hell.


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Remember these few words: Jump through the hoops, you'll get what you want. When you're done, it sounds like you won't choose med/surg. It's not for everybody. Then, the nursing world will await you. The choices are many. Jump through the hoops.......

I understand what you are going through.

I, too, had an instructor who was the Wicked Witch. EVERYBODY in my class hated the B**** except for one student who was her PET and was the WORST student in my class.

Well, we all just ENDURED, leaned on each other for support, patted each other on the back for accomplishments (because SHE sure didn't) and basically "jumped throught the hoops".

My next two quarters I had a BALL even tho I spent time in clinicals in areas that I DESPISED. It was all in the attitude of the instructors.

And - ya' know what? Today I work in Med-Surg (have for over 3 years) and really love it!!! :chuckle Ain't life funny???

Med-surg isn't for everybody, even if it *IS* the "basics" of nursing. Keep on in school and you WILL find the area that just really turns you on! I promise you that! ;)

Bond together with your fellow students. Form a "support group". Don't give up just because of this *ONE* teacher. And make sure you are making time for YOURSELF that is time AWAY FROM STUDYING. Even a half hour a day makes a HUGE difference. Take a walk. Read a trashy novel. Take a bubble bath. Eat a piece of chocolate cake. Lock yourself in the bedroom and scream at the top of your lungs! Go for a drive and SING out loud with the radio! Have steamy sex!:eek:

Then go back to the books. You will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

I'd be glad to pm w you if you just need a shoulder to lean on.



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Okay, ya'll. Here it is from the "other side," so to speak. You've GOTTA have Med/Surg, and get those basics DOWN. All of the specialities stem from those basics. That is simply the bottom line. If you skate through, hanging on by your fingernails, so might your patients some day.

Instructors can be really rugged sometimes. Try to learn as much on your own as you can, via study groups, videos, this area, etc. Always avail yourself of any opportunity to ask nurses and doctors questions when you are doing your clinicals.

Think of the long grueling hours that medical students put in. We ultimately become THEIR eyes and ears and hands, so we have to have at least the stamina and intelligence that they have! Hang tough, ya'll! You'll make it! PM me any time if I can be of help.



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I appreciate it! Drinks are on me!


209 days until graduation!!!:cool:

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