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We had a surgeon who was an idiot. Had a patient who was a BKA, fell and broke his hip on the "good" leg. Patient was with us because he had all kinds of funky heart rhythms during the surgery. I called him once and told him I thought the pulse was diminishing in that foot, and that it was cooler to the touch, and the patient was reporting pain. He ordered morphine. 1 hour later, I called him back and toldn him that his postop hip patient no longer had a pulse in his foot, it was cold, and the upper thigh was swelling significantly, and he had the nerve to say, "in the foot that had the surgery?" The guy was a BKA, he only had the one! I wanted to say, "No, idiot, in the foot of the guy in the next bed."

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OMG lol! Thanks for this thread. I needed a good laugh this morning :) You guys rock. I love allnurses.


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Was he charged with assaulting the cops and paramedics?

I think when docs are awakened in the middle of the night, it is understandable that they don't always seem quite "together". Frustrating but understandable.

I wondered if he would be charged and felt really badly about it. I honestly hope he wasn't as he was not in his right state of mind.