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  1. BacktoBasics

    Our nurse-patient ratio changed for the worse... Help!

    Are your ECMO and HFOV 1:1's?
  2. BacktoBasics

    CHOP hiring process

    Anywhere in CHOP is extremely competitive. From my understanding, CHOP and Penn will put workers through school to work for them. It might be harder for you since your external and still have limited experience.
  3. BacktoBasics

    What do you say when calling out sick?

    If you can work then work. You never know what's going to happen in the future and you may burn one of your callouts for a reason you could have worked through. Don't put your job at risk. Like another poster mentioned, if everyone called out for the simplest reasons then no one would ever work.
  4. BacktoBasics

    Absolutely ridiculous... You can keep your 4 hours

    If that ever happened to me, you can be sure you would be written up. I working critical care, so if i need you to come in, I need you to come in. By not coming in, you're being unprofessional, disrespectful leaving the unit in a unsafe situation. I can't determine the census. The hospital can't determine the census. We only staff RN's based upon our average daily census. If you're called off, you have the option to use PTO, education hours (every staff have so many per year), choose another day that week to make it up or not get paid. In my hospital it's not just RN's that partake in this. RT, NA's, US's even managers do this to help the org stay on budget. You can try to make whatever examples you want about chandeliers but bottom line is hospital are a business that need to make money- whether you agree or not. In past, staff have called out for 4 hours only. It's not recommended or common because you probably won't be needed for the rest of your shift since we just found coverage to cover your absence. It's the risk you take.
  5. BacktoBasics

    In Dire Need of Advice / Help.

    It's not as low key as you asking but how about pre-op, PACU, Endo, etc.
  6. BacktoBasics

    Patient abandonment?

    I wanted to get your opinion on patient abandonment. Some responses in another thread have me curious. A long time ago I know of a RN (RN1) who was being questioned for abandonment by the hospital. She let her shift early and told the Charge RN "RN2 is here. I'm leaving". Charge RN's response was pretty much "okay have a good night!". RN2 comes in early all the time to prep for their for shift. RN1 left a written report for the oncoming shift (RN3) but no one knew. RN3 (who was RN1's shift replacement) didn't realize RN1 left for the day (he thought RN1 was just busy). Charge assumed RN1 gave report to RN2 (since they came in early) and RN2 was supposed to give report to RN3. RN2 was never given report and not aware she was supposed to take care of RN1's patients. I feel like this is similar to the other thread. Is that considered abandonment or not? I mean Chg RN knew RN1 left but thought another RN was covering those patients. This occurred in a monitored unit. Ps- please don't quote I plan on editing.
  7. Many mistakes but I've learned from every one. Those that keep with me. 1) Gave 25mg PO metoprolol instead of 12.5. I check the MAR but overlooked the part that said 1/2 tab. 2) 1 of my patients had to go to MRI at change of shift. The Resource nurse who travels with patients was pregnant so she couldn't go. The Charge RN arranged for the Resource RN to cover the other patient and the oncoming RN would go to MRI instead. I gave report at change of shift to the Resource RN. Well after that I left, the Resource RN did too and left the patient with no RN covering. No one realized it until 0100 in the morning (I left at 1900). The Resource RN denied she ever took report and I was then accused of patient abandonment even though the Charge RN vouched for me that was the plan and the Nurse Manager saw me "talking to her (Resource) but didn't know what it was talking to her about". I learned to always write "Care endorsed to xxx using SBAR format" in the EMR after giving report.
  8. BacktoBasics

    US Border agents deny woman entry due to health records

    Additionally you are already an American citizen therefore they do nit have to ask. Referring that when you traveled to other counties you did not have to submit information to their country is up for them to decide. The American governments primarily role is to protect their citizens and their interests . The government can ask for anything they want - family status, financial information, health information, etc to determine if a visitor is safe and can acclimate into to out society. This being s mental health issue is irrelevant. If could have been any medical condition. She didn't complete the required assessments needed to enter the country. If she doesn't like it giving up the information, she doesn't need to enter.
  9. BacktoBasics

    How much do you make

    We offer no difference between ADN and BSN. We are Magnet so now we have a requirement of hiring only BSN's. New grads start out around $30 but some RN's with 20 years experience do make over $40 base. Our company is paying lower than others and do plan to increase us in early spring. I make $37 with 5 years experience RN experience total but also work in a ANM/ANCC role. I live on the east coast in a HCOL area.
  10. BacktoBasics

    another ICU nurse's opinion

    Go down on the drip by 1ml - this is also assuming it's per hour. I've never had a CaCl- infusion.
  11. BacktoBasics

    clarification to NY Board of Nursing

    It's reading that you have 2 Masters degrees that you were awarded at the same time (MSN (generic) AND Psych APN). It's hard to advise what's "unnecessary" since you didn't say above how it was completed. Some institutions offer dual programs, you may just have to write that.
  12. BacktoBasics

    Alarm Coverage for Busy Coworkers

    No formal plan. Each RN is responsible for addressing their alarms. We are a decentralized unit with each RN having 2 adjacent rooms they are accountable for. In each patient room you can view you other patient's monitor/alarms. Unless you are coding your other patient, there is no reason why you cannot leave the bedside to address your other patients serious alarm. You can always call for help but ultimately your patient alarms are your responsibility. In our unit because of our teamwork, if another RN hears an alarm, they will try to resolve. This isn't mandatory or an expectation.
  13. BacktoBasics

    UPenn BSN/MSN 2012

    I think they will entertain a non-BSN degree but you need to be AMAZING. But more importantly the low GPA is concerning to me. B grades are nothing special. I did not get into UPenn but they offered me a chance. BSN GPA-3.3. Science GPA 3.83. Numerous community and international health volunteering, writing a book and nailed the interview. They offered me a deal since I was the right candidate for community efforts and where I want to take my career, but a 3.3 BSN was too low for them. The deal was not something that was mentioned anywhere on their website but I'm a great go-getter. After I got my rejection, I called and spoke with them about what I could do to get into their program. The person (won't give out contacts) actually said "we were hoping to hear from you!". The deal was if I got a B or higher in their graduate Patho course, I would be accepted in their ACNP program. Well, I completely messed up my chances and got a B-. I'm totally kicking myself in the behind because I know what I did wrong - I missed 1 online quiz because I misread the holiday (Thanksgiving) schedule wrong. There's no makeups. Even if I took the quiz and got a 40 on it, I would be a fully enrolled UPenn student...I'm so stupid and hate myself for that mistake to this day. So do the best you can because you never know if that is your 1 chance!
  14. BacktoBasics

    Saw a nurse yelling at a patient in ICU

    No but you said it's an ethical topic which is stating the nurse is being morally wrong. Anyway, I am one of those person who if I speak loader my "tone" gets meaner. My husband tells me that but I can't seem to change it.
  15. BacktoBasics

    Family Complaint... Why am I so bothered by this?

    As someone in management, you did everything you were supposed to do. He was having pain, you offered, he said no. Often family members want us to "do something" and they forget the patient has rights in guiding their care. If I were that NM I would have backed up your Choi e and spoke with the family regarding his rights. Don't worry about that rep. If the NM is concerned over a RN doing what's appropriate, then she has issues. Don't worry about it and have a great trip.