maybe I'm not always the "smart one"

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Hi yall. I am in my pre reqs right now and doing good except for my B in A&P... I apply in January and find out if i get it in May... there is one thing though. My family and friends. They are pretty muching saying i am going to get in because i've always been the "smart one".. but what if it doesnt happen? What if i dont get in? I have a back up plan to get my LPN and then start for my RN again with the LPN Mobility Program. I am just worried about the embarrassement i am going to feel if i dont get in the first time. Like they will look down on me or something... sorry just had to get this one out!!

You just have to have FAITH! If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again! :nurse: Good luck!!! :)

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I know exactly how you feel. My husband has it in his head that all I have to do is apply and I'll have my pick of schools. He doesn't get why I feel the need to have a back up (applying for ADN programs) if I don't get into any BSN programs.

He doesn't get that there will be hundreds off apps and mine won't be anything special in the pool of all the others just like it, or similar to it. :(

Family just do not get how hard it is to get into a program.

I feel the same way!!!! My husband just thinks that I can make an A in any class I want and I don't have to worry about my grades. When he sees me stressing because of a test he thinks I'm crazy and say, "You'll make an A, why are you even stressed?" I feel like it kind of cheapens how difficult the experience is. This doesn't come naturally to me, I have to struggle and work hard to make good grades. Now I am especially having a rough time because I used to be a straight A student and now the sciences are super challenging and I'm scared that no matter how hard I try I'll only be able to make a B. It's frusterating to me for the first time in my life that other people in my class understand the material more quickly than I do, it makes me feel kind of incompetent!

Look at it as something less to stress about. I'm sure you would feel 100 times worse if your family or husband was telling you to quit trying because you will never make it. My husband knows that I try really hard to get A's in my classes and that I want nothing less. He supports me by telling me the same thing that the other posters have mentioned. I don't see it as a negative thing at all. Sometimes it is a blessing and a relief that at least he has confidence in me when I am so stressed out over a test that I lack it for myself. Be happy that hubby feels that way about your motivation, study skills and intelligence.

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op: I kind of know how you feel. Except in my case my family doesn't think I will even make it through my pre-requisites. All because over 15 years ago I was taking medical transcription classed through the mail. At that time internet was just coming out so I would actually have to snail mail my exams back. :lol2: Anyway, since I decided not to continue with that they automatically think I will quit this also. Well, I am finishing up my A&P II, and then will take microbiology and then I am done with my pre-reqs.:yeah:

stefanyjoy: I know exactly how you feel in that I also get frustrated when other people seem to be doing great in my A&P II class, yet I am struggling. I also feel extremely incompetent and wonder how in the world I am going to make it through nursing school if I am struggling in A&P. I have seen many posts in here where the comment has been made suggesting that if someone gets "C's" in the sciences they will be setting themselves up for failure in nursing school. I am really scared.:grn: All I can do, and you should do also, is think positive. Good Luck.:)

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I wish my family would regard me as the "smart one." My family don't think I will make it in nursing school. My Dad wants me to major in social work but I put my foot down and said I am GOING TO DO NURSING no matter what. And well here, I am getting good grades in most of my classes EXCEPT for chemistry lecture. Ugh..if only...

my brother is a dumbass and he's been a nurse for 10 years.

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My husband is the same way - thinks I will get in the first try.......Thinks my "A" grades don't take lots of hard


I just think that those not in our shoes cannot understand the pressure we feel for Grades, the acceptance

letter.......then once we get in, Nursing school itself.

Sure, some of it may be over-worry, but the way I see it, better over worry, and do well, than be over

confident, and miss the mark. The fear of the unknown factors in here too. Who know what the clinicals

will be, instructors... not to mention that we & hear about see more negative stuff than Positive.

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