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  1. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    Hey almostthereMHM, They don't have any more spots open for the LPN program in January but they do have openings for August. You should contact them asap because these classes get filled quickly because there's no wait list. How's Valencia? Do you go to Osceola Campus? I'm going to transfer to Valencia for the Summer semester. Good luck to you!! :dncgbby::anpom:
  2. Humanatarian123

    What's your exp like?

    Thank you so much for your replies. I really do appreciate it!
  3. Humanatarian123

    Single Mom

    I hope you're able to find a day care that can watch her in the AM and take her to school. Good luck girl!! :clpty::dncgbby::dncgcpd:
  4. Humanatarian123

    Single Mom

    I know how you feel. Is there a daycare by your house that has before and after school care? Some day cares allow you to drop off the child at 6:30am and they drive the kids to school. That's what I'm going to do when I start my CNA class... Good luck to you =]
  5. Humanatarian123

    I quit my good paying job to attend a CNA class. Anyone else?

    I totally agree with you!!! I worked behind a desk for 4 years and at first, I thought it was pretty cool but it's soooo boring. My family thinks I'm crazy for leaving my job but I told them I want to feel like I'm contributing to society not just staring at a computer all day long lol. You made a good choice...Good luck =]
  6. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    oh ok! NICE! Well keep us posted on your success!!
  7. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    Hey, how was the TEAS test? Was there a lot of science involved?
  8. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    Thanks....I'm still thinking about it just doing the lpn though but we'll see. Keep me posted on your program!! Good luck to you :anpom:
  9. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    Hey you!! I did great on the reading and writing but a 9 on the math so I need to fresh up on my math skills. I'm going to do the cna course in the mean time while taking my pre-reqs for valencia's nursing program. I'm still really considering the lpn program though...CONFUSED!! lol I wish you the best of luck!!!
  10. Humanatarian123

    NICU volunteering questions

  11. Humanatarian123

    School Nurse Interview

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! :rckn::rckn:
  12. Humanatarian123

    What's your exp like?

    Hey, I am currently taking me pre-req's to become a RN.I was researching nursing specialties and school nursing really got my attention. I am a very family oriented person so I don't want my career to get in the way of my family. It seems like school nursing would be perfect for me! Please give me your feedback on the following questions: -Are you a RN or LPN? -How long did it take to find a job as a school nurse? -What education is needed to become a school nurse? -Do most schools require a certain amount of nursing exp prior to entering as a school nurse? -How satisfied are you at work? -How much are you making?
  13. Humanatarian123

    cna or lpn

    I'm having the same question and the answer for me will depend on my TABE test results tomorrow. This situation varies for everyone. If you're financially stable and you have a strong support system, I'd say go straight for the LPN program and don't waist your time with CNA. If you're not financially stable and you're unsure about entering the Nursing field, I say do the CNA program because it'll give you hands on experience and a good taste of nursing. Good luck! :)
  14. Humanatarian123

    TECO LPN 2011

    I am going to TECO tomorrow to take the TABE test. If everything works out, I will be starting with you in January! I'm so nervous lol. Are you going FT or PT?
  15. Humanatarian123

    Has anyone attended TECO for CNA?

    Hey! I am thinking about enrolling in TECO in Kissimmee, FL for the CNA program. Has anyone attended this school for CNA? If so, how was it and how can I find out if it's accredited? Thanks