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  1. hello, i am TamaraG. and i live in Hattieburg Ms. My husband wants to move when I graduate from nursing school and Boston Ma is one of the places he talks about. so i would like to know how much do LPN,s make right out of school in Boston at Home health or with any other agency. please anyone let me know the pay rate or the best place to work as a new LPN.
    Thank you
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  3. by   christvs
    Hi, I'm a new RN & I work at a hospital in Worcester, MA (one hour west of Boston). I know that LPNs right out of school start at our hospital at $17.87/hour (not including differentials). I would imagine the pay to be higher in Boston, because of the higher cost of living out there than here. Hope that helps! Good luck.
  4. by   Ginger's Mom
    I don't know a Boston Hospital that employs LPNs for acute care, but do employ LPN in clinics which is a lower rate. Home health does not use LPNs.
  5. by   DDRN4me
    Most LPNs in MA work in long term care..rates vary accordidng to shift and experience, well as area. There are a few hospitals and some (rare ) hhas that will hire experienced lpns. if you live closer to Boston or Worcester, you usually make more $$.
  6. by   Boston-RN
    There are nursing homes that are offering new grads just south of boston $20/hr to start.

    There are only a handful of hosptials that hire LPNs but the $$ is better in LTC
  7. by   Ginger's Mom
    Money is better for LPN not RNs in LTC.
  8. by   colter517
    Quote from Alexk49
    Home health does not use LPNs.

    Yes they do. The VNA of upper cape does, so does Carita's Christy homecare and there are other companies (Centrus, Gentiva, etc.) that use LPN's for home care.
  9. by   nickysdestiny
    MA doesnt use LPNs for home health we do here in CT if thats true thats kinda discuraging I wanna move up there and thats what I want to do