Baltimore- Do You Love It or Hate It?

  1. baltimore: do you love it or hate it?

    i'm considering a job at maryland general hospital, but have some concerns about baltimore. it's been rated as one of the most dangerous cities in the u.s., yet i've also heard that baltimore is in the midst of a renaissance.

    i'd love to hear from anyone who has lived in baltimore, or currently lives in baltimore. give me the pros and the cons as you see them.

    thanks everyone!
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  3. by   athomas91
    Baltimore is a great city...i went to school there and "partied" there as a college student. it is only safe when you are in known problem areas at the wrong times if you get my general is the one hospital i never worked can't give you any hints there.
  4. by   NursePru
    Lived in Baltimore my whole life. I really like the city. Like athomas said. You just have to know what areas aren't safe. There is a lot to do here between bars, restaurants, and museums. Not to mention that DC isn't too far away. The state of Maryland in general is a wonderful place to be a nurse. We have tons of hospitals and along with that tons of opportunities. The pay here is decent too. I also hear that the working conditions for nurses are much better here than in most states. I know plenty of Maryland nurses that are happy with their jobs.

    Good luck on your decision. The area where MD General is located is "iffy" but the best schools and hospitals in the state (a couple are ranked in the country) are in East Baltimore ie. Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. I think Hopkins is probably in the worst part but the city police are always around when I've been there and they have tight security. I'm sure MGH is the same.
  5. by   nurse1day

    I have been in Baltimore my entire life also and I agree that it depends where you are. The two biggest hospitals Hopkins and Maryland are in iffy areas but security is pretty tight. I actually did my clinical rotation at Maryland General at night last semester and security was always available. We usually left in groups anyway. Overall I didn't really care to much for the hospital but thatmay have been due to the fact that I was a student and I guess it depends on which floor you work. I have a friend who is a nurse their in L&D and enjoys it. Good Luck!
  6. by   Katnip
    I work in Baltimore. I'm not an urban sort, so I'm iffy about it. It's not the neighborhoods, it's not the crime. I think I just don't know the area well enough to find the fun places to go besides the usual tourist stuff.

    I went to UMB and never really felt uncomfortable about my safety there. Wander a couple of blocks away in the wrong direction and yeah, you could have some problems. Otherwise, for a city it's ok.
  7. by   PennyLane
    I grew up in Baltimore, currently live in the city, and attend UMB. Since I'm a city person, I feel pretty comfortable here. I don't feel unsafe around UMB at all. I walk up to Lexington market and up Howard street to the uniform store by myself (during the day of course) and have never had a problem. You just have to know how to act like you know what you're doing and have confidence.

    There is a lot of crime in the city, but you just have to know what neighborhoods to avoid. Despite the crime, there is a lot to do, and some of the neighborhoods are really historic and range from quaint to beautiful. Fells point has some great bars and restaurants, as well as unique stores and coffee houses. Canton is an up and coming area that's becoming a bit over-priced but there are some beautiful renovated houses. Both neighborhoods are on the water front. Roland Park is a really nice northern Baltimore neighborhood that has gorgeous houses and is very green. It's probably my favorite neighborhood in the city.

    The area around MD General isn't great, but it's not terrible. It's near the symphony hall and the opera house and the local arts school, Maryland Institute College of Art. I don't know anything about the hopsital, though. Peronally I'd rather work for Hopkins or UMMS, but that may be because I've done clinicals there and know ppl who work there.

    You may want to check out this website. It has info on real estate here as well as neighborhood websites.
  8. by   Baltimore Nurse
    I have lived in Baltimore all of my adult life and lost of my child hood life. I think it is dangerous but you have to just play it safe. By that I mean, dont go walking in secluded areas alone at night by your self. I feel living in the county is a litle more safe than living in the city, especially if you are not from here... you may not have thte street smarts to avoid people and situations that should be avoided. If you come from another area that is urbanized and is a big city than I think you will be fine! If you come from a rural area than I think you will be fine, but I would be causous.
    I have never worked at Maryland General, but it located in the heart of downtown Maryland, so I am sure they deal with a lot of inner city issues, they are not a trauma center so you dont have to worry about that.
    I dont want to deter you fromcoming here to Maryland, I think it is a great state for nurses, the demand for all kinds of nurses is high and the pay is good! I love it here. But I do want to be honest with you.
    I work at Mercy Hosptial in downtown Baltimore and I love it! If there is any other specific questions that I can answer to help you make your decision let me know!
  9. by   imenid37
    Lived there for 32 years. Wouldn't go back EVER. Now I live 50 miles away in the boondocks where I can leave my door unlocked, but I don't. I never realized how awful the crime was until I moved away. I'd work there again. There are lots of great hospitals, but I'd never move back, esp. not w/ kids. The public schools in the city are mostly not good and some of Baltimore County schools are good, many are not. The cost of private school is pretty high too. I worked at Mercy Medical Centre which is a few blocks from MD General and it was a very nice place (in early 1990's). We did have an incident where a visitor brought a gun into our postpartum unit. That was not the hospital's fault, but it was a reality of some of our patients and their lifestyles. Lots of drug addicted folks of all ages. I miss some things about it, but not all. MD General is an inner city hospital and it's not for the faint of heart. Baltimore has a lot to do and it has many good points, but it is a very violent place. You have to wary of where you go and when. Best of luck to you! Honestly, if you are in the inner city, I think Hopkins or UMD has better bene's. I know MD General is affiliated w/ Md now, but I am not sure if it is actually owned by them and has the same bene's and salary.
  10. by   DelightRN
    I think Baltimore is like any other urban area; its important to be alert and aware of your surroundings, and use common sense.

    Hopkins is downtown and not in the best area, although they are proceeding to buy up most of Broadway. Security is tight there. When I walk out of the garage there's a guard at the door, another at the street corner, another just up the road... always one close by. If I ever leave by myself, a guard walks me from the front door to the corner of Broadway and the cross street, and then that guard walks me inside the locked parking garage (accessible only by badge swipe). I feel safe enough.

    I don't mind Baltimore at all, although right now its wicked cold.
  11. by   BoonersmomRN
    I live in the "burbs but I have always been a city kid. Grew up in D.C. and now am about 5 mins from Baltimore. I love the city but I also know what parts to NOT venture to. I also can't stand driving in the city so I take the MTA wherever I need to go.
  12. by   DelightRN
    I can't stand the MTA buses. NYC has kamikaze taxi drivers, we have kamikaze MTA bus drivers.

  13. by   Traveler
    I lived in Baltimore for about 10 years. During that time I went to nursing school and put in my first couple of years working as a RN. Baltimore has a lot of wonderful things. It has been said that it is a northern city with southern charm. There is much history in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. The work environment is rich and full of wonderful opportunity. That being said though, when I had my children I knew that I did not want them growing up in Baltimore. Eight years ago we moved to a rural area in the south. Here they can attend public school, I know most of the people in town, and I know that they will keep an eye on my children when I am not around. The working conditions are not the same though- not even close. The pay is much lower and nurses are not treated as well. Here it is not unusual for a nurse to be asked to work a double if there is nobody available for the next shift. If the nurse refuses, they try to bully and threaten to charge with patient abadonment- this never happened in Baltimore. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Personally I wouldn't want to raise my children in Baltimore or the surrounding areas which have all kind of merged into one big city.
  14. by   BoonersmomRN
    Baltimore- D.C. have pretty much merged into one huge metropolis. There are plenty of suburban areas that are gorgeous and clean and have good schools. I live right by Ellicott City and I wouldn't move from here to any other area in MD to save my life. My sons' school ranks one of the highest and this area Catonsville/Ellicott City/Clarksville has a ton of history and farms and some amazing older homes. I love where I live now....much MUCH nicer then when I grew up in D.C. and P.G. County.