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Very True!


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I used to get called to lift a 200 in something pound bilateral leg amputee out of bed and into wheal chair everyday. Put that in my review!

leslie :-D

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i always got big, bad shirley.

now, there's a woman.:pumpiron:


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I'm lucky in our dept there are as many men as women so I never feel like my manly physique is taken advantage (I'm pretty scrawny, 6'3" 185lbs)

The worst for me was when I worked psych...any time there was an anxious patient I was thrown into the front...HIT HIM, HIT HIM...he he.


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I experienced this same thing and decided that I had to "take ownership of my piece of the problem: allowing it to happen". I came up with a very simple solution. At the beginning of the shift, when i'm asked to help turn or pull up a patient, I inform the females that my patient needs pulling up also. We can do "her's" first, then mine. Usually by the end of the shift we are working as a team and things actually go much better. Last night, my neighbor hated doing Accuchecks so I did her's on one of her patients, since I HATE priming feeding tubings, I gave her the option of doing that for me as "payback", she jumped at the trade off and we were both happy.

The one nurse that I used to have problems with got a good dose of "Randyizing" not long ago. SHe asked me for help and I simply said, "I'm not going to be able to help you tonight. When you ask me for help I always come to help you, but I need for you to remind me of one situation when I asked you for help and you weren't too busy, or tied up to help." She thought for a minute and just turned around and walked away. Later in the shift she came up to me and we had a nice discussion about how she realized that she had never assisted me in the past and that I was correct in my assessment of the situation.

Now the ball was in my court to make this a positive or a negative situation. I looked at her, smiled and said, "my patient needs to be pulled up and turned, let's do him first since we are right here and then we'll catch your patient."

My theory is, if I'm good enough to help them, they are good enough to help me.:coollook:



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i agree with everything said and im quite sure we will never get a "Man Diff" but i needed to vent a little. im totally down to help those in need but lik previously said it sucks when theres 3 female nurses shooting the breeze and here i am behind b/c ll i freaking do is lift pt's. hahaha! oh well!

Some facilities will. There are only 3 men at one of my facility spread over the shifts. They gave them lift assignments. They go around and either do the transfers or help with them. While it isn't more money, it is less work which essentialy is the same.

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