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  1. night_owl_504

    west jefferson accelerated program

    I have no idea, but good luck. I have ahd the opportunity to work with plenty being that I work in one of the critical care units at WJ. I would say out of 10 students maybe 1.5 might have a clue, and that is because they had medical backfield. Im not trying to discourage, but apply your self and learn all you can. Most of the students I dealt with had no ambition to learn.
  2. night_owl_504

    what area of nursing do you never see yourself working in?

    well... I thought I would never work on a LTAC unit, but here I am. Do I love it...? No. Do I like the money? YE$$ Never say Never
  3. night_owl_504

    Beta Blockers

    What is the in depth rationale of Beta-Blockers post stent?
  4. night_owl_504

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    First of all, I seriously doubt that the govt. and/or the hospital would not provide the necessary PPE. What if all nurses had the same attitude as all those who said no... what if your loved one or kid was terribly sick from this pandemic... who would care for them if we all said no??? Before you say that you would care for them yourself, lets assume that you wasn't a nurse. I am married and have kids, and my parents are still living, but they all know that what my occupation entails. Lets take Hurricane Katrina for instance (this is not a sob story), I along with many others stayed back through a terrible storm with NO RESOURCES. How about bagging a patient that should be on a ventilator for hours, because there is no power... Each and every hurricane season myself and plenty of others who rode out that hurricane still sign up for activation team. Once again im not asking for pity, or reward, but who would care for those less fortunate if we all had the same attitude as those who said NO? I am simply saying I knew before going into this field that I am a first responder, and I think it is shocking and disappointing at the number of NO's in the poll. That is just my opinion, and im not trying to offend anyone. Definition's of First responder borrowed from Wikipedia: First responder is a term used to describe the first medically-trained responder to arrive on scene of an emergency, accident, natural or human ... Local police, fire, and emergency medical personnel who arrive first on the scene of an incident and take action to save lives, protect property ...
  5. night_owl_504

    Will you work during a Pandemic?

    Sorry if i seem harsh, but... I cant believe that there are so many nurses here saying that they wouldn't work or undecided!! Thats comparable to a firefighter or police officer saying "nah... I don't think I will put that fire out today, or go into that house with the criminal". I think if you said no, then you need to reevaluate why you are in the medical field! If you are not willing then, why did you become a nurse???
  6. night_owl_504

    CCU & ICU

    It all depends really. some it means Critical Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit and God knows what else. in some hospitals a CCU is just like a step down, but in most that i worked at it is a Critical unit ie.. ICU or what have you.
  7. night_owl_504

    CCU & ICU

    The CCU i work in deals with pt's in MODS, with baloon pumps, swanz, chest sumps and even the occasional ventric. drain. So to say that the ICU deals with "more complex pt's" I would have to respectfully disagree. In our facility CCU takes care of mainly heart pt's, and ICU cares for Neuro pt's. It's all up to you if you like the heart or not. FYI: if you are planning on going to anesthesia school... they rather CCU or heart experience....go figure
  8. night_owl_504

    Pay in LAFAYETTE

    any idea how much the pay is for 2 years ICU experience??? i love Lafayette and would love to move back, but i hear the pay isnt great???
  9. night_owl_504


    ill be here they are suppose to activate us Sunday
  10. night_owl_504

    level 1 Trauma SICU

    thanks for the reply. im just wondering if i would like it being that im a heart nurse. i know theres a lot of neuro, but i just wanted to see others experiences
  11. night_owl_504

    level 1 Trauma SICU

    what can one expect in a trauma SICU? What type of pt's, equipment...etc?
  12. night_owl_504

    least stressful area

    the OR is low stress
  13. night_owl_504

    3 12's - in a row or break them up?

    2 on 2 off 2 on for me. (night shift)
  14. night_owl_504

    Am I just a nervous new grad or is the ICU not for me?

    welcome to nursing... being intimidated is a good thing b/c you very well should be... after all someones life is in your hands. However, with time the anxiety does decrease, but its still always there. Lets face it, its not like if we forget to put ketchup on a customers burger and the only reprecussion is a quick yelling. Nursing is a profession and a very serious one at that. I guess what im trying to say is, your feelings is normal and is a good thing. If you love and feel drawn to the ICU then its for a reason. I say a prayer every time before i walk in the door that I make the best and right decisions for my pt's
  15. night_owl_504

    some younger male nurses.....

    i dont want to push any buttons but actually males were the first nurses! I know that may sound crazy but hey dont take my word for it... heres the link http://menstuff.org/issues/byissue/nursing.html
  16. night_owl_504

    Would you marry a female MD?

    with out hesitation....