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Our nursing school has been encouraging us to get before we start clinical in Jan. I don't think this is a reflection of our class, hehe :) , but rather the opinion of the instructors. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are related to this. It's cheap for students, but I want to get some insight into realworld experience with malpratice insurance.

Is there a greater chance of being sued if one has insurance?

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I have carried my own for 16 years. I would never practice without it.



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In today's litigious society (in North Carolina, for instance, it only costs $75 for ANYONE to sue ANYBODY for ANY freakin' reasin'), I would dare not even step into the hospital without it. Of course, use some common sense here--never let a patient (or lawyer) know you have it. The lawyers only want $$$$$ and if they get a whiff of deep pockets (as in insurance), it's like a pack of hounds in deer season. BTW, anybody else feel threatened by all the lawyer medical malpractice adds on TV and the overgrowth of malpractice web sites???


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Our first semester (LTC) and summer (OB & LTC) clinicals didn't require us to have . However, when we started med-surg last semester and from now on we are required to have it. They just add it on our tuition and it's only $10/semester. Does your school offer it? How much are they telling you it's going to cost? I think our school eats some of the charge, but it's worth it. I think someone would be even more sue happy if you screwed up and they knew you were a student. That's one step above a turd in some pt's book. :)



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Is there a greater chance of being sued if one has insurance?

No. No one will know that you carry unless you tell them.



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:confused: Does anyone know of a good website that I can go to for rates? I am not carrying , but have been thinking lately that I should. This thread is really driving that home. I would appreciate any help. TIA...:)


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I also have carried my own policy for over 20 years and agree with those above. I think that it is not any more likely that you will be sued if you have it- as we should all practice nursing so that you won't ever be sued! But there is a portion of the population who believe that they should always be guaranteed a perfect outcome, and when that doesn't happen for what ever reason- (their own stupid actions/inactions, fate, disease progression, or negligence or malpractice on the part of the health care team) then they sue. Plus, I feel that I have that extra measure of protection for when the MD is not as responsive to my reports- and I have had docs refuse to attend to a reported problem. It isn't pretty when I have to pitch a fit to protect the patient, but one must do what is necessary!

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I have always had and get it through the Nurses Service Organization - advertised highly in the journals. Have never had any luck finding anyone else that offers it. Currently, it runs about $92/year.

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Keep your behind covered for the benefit of your family if nothing else. Just dont discuss it, dont tell, and never let them see you sweat. Dont tell the employer, dont tell co-workers, dont tell grama and gramps, or mom, or the kids. Discuss it with hubby and swear him to secrecy about it.

Next,, it is "said" patients are less likely to sue someone they like and gave them good care. Ultimately it is up to the patient in the long haul who does and doesnt get included in the suit.

VickyRN,, i agree, those ads tick me off to no end.


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I've carried malpractice since during the time I was in nursing school until this very day. I'd not step foot near a patient without it... Oh My Gosh the horror stories I've heard from nurses who didn't have it when they needed it!

By the way, some hospitals will tell you they carry a malpractice policy for you... don't trust it to be a good one that will offer great protection... after all, when it comes down to it in the end, the hospital is going to cover their hiney first, the physicians, second and you last...

Get your own!!!

I have been with NSO (Nurses Service Organization) like TraumaRUs mentioned above. They are very highly respected. You can go to their web site at:

They often mail you tips about the best ways to chart and other tips to help keep you from ever being sued or hauled into court to give a deposition, etc. It's a good company in my opinion.

Good luck in your nursing career! One suggestion: Do remember that statistics generally show that patients who LIKE you are less likely to sue you. Therefore, it is beneficial to you to be friendly, compassionate, and sincere with all your patients and their families whenever you can..... even... maybe especially when they are not nice to you.




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Melissa24....... where the student rate is $20/year for $1,000,000 in coverage.

Thanks all for the info. I will be getting ins. on Monday!

You all are wonderful, as good friends your advice is invaluable and very much appreciated! :D

I guess the moral of this thread is....malpractice insurance, never leave home without it!!




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This subject has been talked about on many threads here in the past, and NSO seems to be the company of choice for most of the people who recommend having . I was satisfied with it in the past.

[And no, I do not own stock in this company, nor do I have any financial incentive to recommend it.]

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