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I have quite a few posts on this board. The last one has 43 views and no replies, which is OK, but part of me wonders... Is it OK that I post what is on my mind? My trials and tribulations as a... Read More

  1. by   NurseDaddy2006
    Thanks for that link. I posted there.

  2. by   Thunderwolf
    Another thing to remember in that venting requires others to listen first. Many may choose to listen instead of talking back. But rest assured my friend, you have our ear.
    (((((((((((((((((((((((Guy Hug)))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from NurseDaddy2006
    The other day I took off my big winter coat and as he watched me reveal my bright white nursing student uniform complete with scope and name badge, he gave me a big smile and with a look on his face of admiration he said "DADDY! YOU'RE A NURSE!. "That's right, my boy. I certainly AM. Priceless.
    I had my own experience over Thanksgiving.

    I was with my aunt's family - I'm pretty close to them and I simply ADORE my nieces

    Anyways, the little one who is a V-E-R-Y precocious 3 year old wanted to know what I did for a "living". When she ased if I was a Docotr and I said no, she literally jumped up and said, all wide eyed "Are you a nurse?!"

    When I said I was one, she squeeled and while giggling she said "But Nurse do all the yucky stuff!"

    At which point her 5 year old sister corrected her and said "But they also do a lot of the ncie and important stuff!"

    LOL! I felt great right there I love my nieces to pieces!

    Anyway, to answer your question: I don't think you are "over the line". Sometimes, I post something and I dont get replies to 'em. 'Tis ok.

    Take me for example - What you might post might not interest me, or I simply don't have anything to add. *shrug* I would LOVE to contribute, but I am also a firm believer in Lincoln's "Better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

    I wish you peace
  4. by   FlyingBuddha
    One of my heroes is J.H. Taylor, missionary to China. His family died, at one point, while he was in the heart of the country, his mission board rejected him (as memory serves) due to him starting to look like an oriental, and the previous missionaries not having much growth by way of numbers. The story is told of Livingston's heart being placed in the African soil while his body was placed in Europe; His heart belonged to hundreds of indigenous tribes rather than the country of his birth. I have been a socialite, sitting in a room full of people, that was depressed. In scripture Job lost his children, wife wished him to " curse God and die", lost his health, and friends railed against him. If you were to walk by his house you would find him sitting in the ashes, ashes of the sacrifices which he had given to God. All he had left was the memory of God's faithfulness. As a professional you will have friends, as a blogger you will have an audience, and as an individual with a call from God you will feel compelled to find your "mission." As one said ....a nurse is the one that does the yucky stuff....
  5. by   Nathalie
    KEEP POSTING!!!! Look at how many responses you've gotten with this post!!!! It happens to ALL of us that we post and sometimes get no responses. I think sometimes some of us actually realize that we won't receive any responses or just a couple, but it feels good to just write about it. Just keep posting!!!!
  6. by   MMARN
    Quote from NurseDaddy2006
    I have quite a few posts on this board. The last one has 43 views and no replies, which is OK, but part of me wonders...

    Is it OK that I post what is on my mind? My trials and tribulations as a male nursing student. I realize some of what I am going through is not exclusive to males, but what I'm seeking is feedback from peers.

    Aside from classmates, I've got nobody I can talk to that would even begin to understand the stresses of nursing school. My wife is wonderful, but she admits she cant understand it either. She knows she does not like to see what it's doing to me.

    So I come here to vent, share, and I hope for feed back. A few of my posts have gotten that, and I appreciate it. One post I put up, I actually re-read and took down, because it was far beyond a rant to the point of near-psychosis.

    Another thing. I have ADD. It presents its own challenges. I used to participate on some ADD forums, I even had my own column in a newsletter that goes out to parents of kids with ADD. But since starting school again, I have not been able to do much writing in those areas, and when I do, I'm reminded even more of how tough things can be for me.

    Wait, I've got an idea. Perhaps there ought to be a forum here for nursing students with learning disabilities. I wonder if there are any. Or maybe I'm a rarity. I dunno.

    All I know is I find getting my thoughts out helpful, and feedback helpful too. I'd write or journal and simply save them to my hard drive, but I'd miss the perspective of my peers here. I'm feeling alone in my situation, despite being surrounded by a wife and son who love me, classmates who seem to tolerate me, and thats pretty much all I've got.

    If I am overdoing it on the posting, or going too far with what I post, kindly let me know. Thanks


    Honey, all I can tell is to keep doing what you're doing. Try to post in the General Nursing Forums or just keep posting where you're posting. If you notice, mostly ALL of the posts get hundreds of views. You rant if you have to and keep posting your thoughts, fears, and questions. We are all a family even if we have no idea who the next person on this post board is. We're all going through the same things, or something similar. God bless you and good luck!!!
  7. by   Angels'
    I believe the family and friends orientation to our schooling needs would be a good thing.

    I also feel that my family does not take my studies seriously and/or feel that this takes or will take from them/us as a family. They seem to be of mixed feeling about help being supportive.

    This thread is needed in the other forums and I hope this works out.

    There also seem to many (exaggeration?) with learning disabilities and/or mental illnesses...they we/too may welcome a thread.

    This may be silly, but I felt that I was on shaky ground entering this forum (thinking it was a for male forum), wanting to know what the forum would say about the nursing profession.

    Pre-Nursing Student,
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  8. by   smilin_gp
    Just to comment on the family and friends orientation, my school asked that we bring guests to the general orientation, and oriented them to the challenges of nursing school right along with the new students. It really did seem to work. When my family thinks that I am overdoing it, they tend to quote the speakers!:Melody:
  9. by   genhen
    Please continue to post in this forum. I am getting ready to start my second semester of nursing. I know that you are getting ready to start your fourth. I am also a male nursing student with a wife and two kids. So, I can relate to alot of what you have to say. I have also responded to your threads and posts. If a thread sparks me, then I respond to it. The only thing I would add about the lack of response to a particular thread is to not worry about it. Lack of response is not about you. I look forward to seeing your posts. You have, in part, sparked me to post more.

    All male nursing students.....please post more.

  10. by   NurseDaddy2006
    Thanks Genhen.

    I'll continue to post... as soon as the semester starts I'm sure I'll have plenty to say.

    Right now I am doing my best to thoroughly enjoy my winter break. I am almost not sure how to function with so little to do. Actually, there is a lot that needs doing around the house, stuff that's gone neglected because of school, but I'm:
    a) feeling very lazy as soon as I make an attempt to even THINK about all that needs doing around here.
    b) making lots of excuses - including the one about how my soon-to-be 4 year old takes soooo much of my time.
    c) taking the time to mess with my new electronic drums and shop for all kinds of things that go with them and spending money I don't have that really ought to go to home improvement things I cant afford either
    d) all of the above.

    The answer is d.

    Every now and then I think about how there's just one more semester to go, and I smile. It's the home stretch. And we're going to have good professors. Some of my future classmates are real pieces of work, but I'm not going to let them get to me. Just going to keep my head down and fly under the radar. And do my best to smile all the while.

    Be well all.

  11. by   MMARN
    I'm not a male student, but I'll keep posting here. Just let us know how it all turned out, and don't worry, you'll find time!! God bless!!!