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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   keithjones
    Just figured I'd pop my head in. I'm 32 year old former truck driver, PC tech, youth pastor currently working as a night watchman while doing my nursing prereqs. I have a B.A. in youth ministry but, alas, the school is not with the same accrediting agency as the local community college so I get to start from scratch. Probably a good thing since I'm shooting for a 3.8+GPA to help get into CRNA schoo in a few years.

    I'm hitting 98+ percentile on my NLN-PAX practice tests, so just got to see if my old 2.6GPA will skim me by on the point system for spring 2010. I get to bankrupt my old GPA once I complete 12 credit hours of prereqs. and will be a shoe-in for fall 2010 admission if i miss the point cutoff for spring.

    Nice to see some other men around.
  2. by   NewMexicoJohn

    Once you finish School you may want to consider the military. They have an EXCELLENT CRNA program. You do know how much the tuition is for CRNA school, right? If you can swing a military hitch, that's what I would do if I were your age!

  3. by   keithjones
    Fortunately my wife and I are doing nursing together ... at least to the BSN level. We have been living off of $25k a year for a while now so if we can pull in $70k+ for a few years while getting our BSNs we should be debt free with $40k+ in savings when I start CRNA school. I love the military, have the greatest respect, but the wife won't let me go the military route... just too much loss in her life to risk losing me too. I got no problems taking out loans for the rest of it since we will be able to pay them back in the first year of working if we keep the lifestyle in check. (I guess the $40,000 home theater can wait a year or two).
  4. by   NewMexicoJohn
    What a great plan! Tell your wife I said CONGRATULATIONS and continued good luck on your career path!

    John in New Mexico
  5. by   BenGRN
    Hey All,
    I am a father of two as well (3.5yrs and 7wks) just finishing up my first semester in a bachelor's to BSN. School is challenging, but if you can juggle all of your responsibilities and make it through, it looks like it will be worth it. Keep on working hard and you'll get through before you know it!
  6. by   jaywolves
    Got my acceptance letter TODAY!!! WOOHOO! A year of hard work and stress and the day is finally here.
  7. by   steve40
    45 year old male RN here........I was the only male student in all of my clinicals during nursing school....was a bit intimidated but made it through
  8. by   jaywolves
    I feel for you loners... We'll have at least 4 in the next series. Probably more that I haven't heard about yet. To be the only one had to be a huge amount of pressure.
  9. by   clvjackson
    Theres one here!!!!!!! I am an ex-cna, turned lpn....and im starting Rn school on the 26th....the excitment is biulding!!!
  10. by   Mr.StudentNurse
    Quote from jaywolves
    Got my acceptance letter TODAY!!! WOOHOO! A year of hard work and stress and the day is finally here.
    ME TOOO!
  11. by   jaywolves
    It's an amazing feeling when you've worked so hard to get through the pre-reqs, make the house payment, stay active in your education. That acceptance letter felt like gold.
  12. by   Mr.StudentNurse
    I feel ya~ I just got into UM accelerated BSN program for this fall and am super excited ;-) good luck sir!
  13. by   chansen
    31 year old father of 1, working full time, just got my acceptance letter yesterday, for Spring of 2010 start at Columbus State Community College in Ohio. Now comes the hurry up and wait part!