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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   BChach
    I start my BSN program in May at Hopkins. I think there will be a few guys, but I bet the ratio will be similar to what you have seen in your programs.
  2. by   bluesguy
    Just started my program this week. Three guys in a class of around 45. It'll be interesting...
  3. by   sbachof
    There are eight men out of 40 in my cohort...thats 20%!!! this is very refreshing!!!
  4. by   feiying88
    yes ,i am a male nurse ,too. i am from china. i am working in the operating room.
    but ,i am really want to go abroad to be a nurse.
    but i dont know how about the male nurse in usa or australia , and i want to make some friends who are male nurses, i want to enjoy sth or disscuss sth with our boys.
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  5. by   voodoo
    I'm in my 2nd year of an ADN program with 9 men of a class of 59. We lost 1 guy to re-deployment and 1 to "Failure to Thrive" in a clinical situation or we would have an even higher %. Other than OB/Mother-Baby, it seems to me that there are more men pursuing nursing. I am curious if numbers nationally reflect this trend. I suspect there are more and more men looking to nursing as a 1st or 2nd career (I worked in an unrelated field for 20 yrs.) but become stymied by the pre-req's, application waiting lists, etc. For me, it's definitely been worth it, but I'm lucky that I have a wife and daughter supportive of what will be 3 years of school and clinicals and not much dinero to show for it...yet. Well, maybe not then either.
  6. by   smiley_crazy
    Hey all, I'm in my second year of pre reg pediatric nursing, another 3 months and I will be in 3rd (Lord help me!). I've been looking for a fourm like this for some time and I'm even happier to find a male student area! Being the only male within my cohort doing pedes has been rather loney. Funnily enough the males on mental health and adult have not tended to be approachable.

    And during my training I've only come across 4 male staff nurses so its nice to know there are just afew males in nursing out there :P.

    Looking forward to getting stuck into chatting!
  7. by   travellingup82
    I'll be starting an accelerated BSN/MSN program this May. I don't know how many guys my incoming class (class of 2009) will have but I hope enough where we can find shelter in each other's company amidst a throng of female nursing students! But I'm used to it I suppose. I first got my BA in psychology and I was one of a handful of guys. Even in all the prereq courses for nursing that I took there would mostly be females there, except probably in physio where there was more of a mix since other certain majors also require their students to take that course. But I'm real excited about starting the nursing program!
  8. by   BChach
    Where are you starting your program? I am attending Johns Hopkins SON, the accelerated program.
  9. by   travellingup82
    I'll be attending the University of Rochester, and moving there this April.
  10. by   BChach
    I am originally from Rochester. I applied there, too, since my family is all there (I go there a lot as well). I haven't heard back from them since my interview, though. When did you hear, out of curiosity?
  11. by   travellingup82
    I got the letter, er, package, in the mail roughly two weeks ago. But before that I had called to ask when they were sending out their acceptance letters and the lady on the phone said they were sending them out in batches and that their last batch comes out the second week of Feb. Her usage of the word batch made it sound like they were sending out mail order cookies.
  12. by   smellya
    Hello all. My name is Floyd. I am just about to finish my 1st quarter at unitek. I am working on becoming a LVN. I figured its better then waiting for a RN program. So I will do a bridge program after I am done with this. I am 1 of 5 guys in my class.
  13. by   j8b7y2008
    heres one in the philippines.. come to think of it its global..