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  1. jthewood

    Occupational therapy

    2 years of training + fellowship after vs. 4 semesters of nursing school. Also, I can do more as a nurse, including specialized training in many different disciplines. I like variety so it was a better fit for me. I graduated and passed NCLEX a month ago and I start in the busiest Level 1 trauma center in my area on Monday....cant wait! Good luck to you whatever you decision turns out to be. Jason
  2. jthewood

    How many of us 30 somethings are out there?

  3. jthewood

    Any Marymount University students?

    I start there this fall as well. I'm a little nervous, but a lot excited. See you on the 25th for orientation! Jason
  4. jthewood

    what are the guys' reasons to become a nurse?

    I CAN RELATE!!! My only difference is that I got a BS in Emergency Medical Services and I've only spent 5 years in corporate, also unsatisfying. I decided against the prehospital environment once we started having kids; I think for a safety concern as well as a financial consideration. Besides, I'm still involved in EMS as a volunteer which brings an associated but different view to nursing.
  5. jthewood

    Is anyone else freaking?

    For all of you with extra energy from the anxiety of waiting for your decision letter, I have two kids that'll wear you out pretty quickly!:chuckle I'm waiting for my decision letter as well, but I'm not even remotely stressed out as some of you. My stress will begin once I'm accepted into a program and the work begins! Hopefully we'll get our 7 month old to sleep throught the night by then! Best of luck to all!!!
  6. jthewood

    Marymount University Arlington VA

    I'll find out if I'm accepted there in a 1 1/2 weeks. I live in the No VA area and Marymount has been one of the top Nursing schools around here for years. Most, if not all, of the nursing programs in this area are competitive for admission. The entrance exam Marymount requires is a general education exam, not too difficult, but there are options that exempt you from the test if you qualify. Hope this info helps. Jason
  7. jthewood

    Nurses with MS or similar disorders

    It's sad that this is true, but one way to combat it is to take your husband with you to the doctor visits. I held my wifes hand every step of the way 1) to be supportive, and 2) to learn what we were going through. You have to be aggressive about your healthcare these days, everyone on this board knows that. I strongly recommend doing lots of research before your next Neuro visit and have questions ready to ask. I drafted questions and took them with me to my wifes neuro appointments. This is a great suggestion. They were very helpful when my wife was dx'd. My wife's diagnosis was a little extreme, brain surgery to remove and biopsy lesion tissue, but there was no question when we were done and treatment could begin immediately. The point is, you need to take charge of this situation and get a doctor/neurologist that treats your symptoms seriously, regardless of the dx. I hope your situation works out for the best and you find a practitioner that treats you well. It may be costly, but having the peace of mind that comes with a differential diagnosis is worth the money. It was for us. BTW, my wife is begining daily Copaxone shots. Any experience on this from anyone? She took Avonex once weekly for a few years, but got really sick each time she took it and was fed up with the side effects. Jason
  8. jthewood

    Occupational therapy

    I've been asking the question of whether or not to go into OT myself. I found some good info on the AOTA website if you wanted to check it out. What do you do now? Jason
  9. jthewood

    Are you man Enough to be a OB nurse?

    I have two kids at home and I can't imagine why anyone would choose to spend more time around someone elses kids! Just kidding, but no OB for me. I'd rather work in an area without the constant question of how I'll be received by patients. Not my problem per se, but a problem nonetheless.
  10. jthewood

    Application is in....

    Hi all! Well, my application is in for Fall 2007. I applied to Marymount University in Alington VA. I'm not sure if anyone here has experience with that school; I did a search and found no info. I do know that it's got a great reputation from what I've heard around No. VA. The program is 4 semesters long, neither the shortest nor the longest 2nd degree program I've found. I should know something by Mar. 7th. I've posted on this forum a few times before and I'm sure I'll be asking a few more questions as I go along. I already have a BS in Health Science and I'm a paramedic so I can't imagine a nursing program is going to be that much harder than EMT-P training. I guess if I'm thick-skinned enough to deal with all the gender BS I see posted in the forums I'll do just fine. Jason
  11. jthewood

    Nurses with MS or similar disorders

    My wife was diagnosed with RRMS (relapse-remitting) around 5 years ago. She works as a recreation manager in a busy community coordinating ongoing activities and planning large events. Since her diagnosis and the process of acceptance for both of us, we've had two children, both finished, (or are finishing), school and generally lived our lives to the fullest. Sure, there are and always will be limitations, but I've learned to enjoy our life together within the limitations. She keeps in regular contact with her neurologist and we try to maintain a healthy diet along with regular exercise. Believe me, I know this is hard and scary right now, but there is hope. If you are diagnosed with MS, there are many treatment options available and support groups to help you understand the disease. Remember, one of the best treatments for any condition is a positive attitude. Prior to my wife's definitive diagnosis our options were MS or possibly a tumor....we were glad to get the MS dx. Try your best to have faith, (whatever your faith may be), and remember to count your blessings. You'll be in our prayers. Jason
  12. jthewood

    Interesting facts and observations.

    +1....good point.
  13. jthewood

    EMT in place of Critical Care

    I too am/was an EMT, and a CPR/1st Aid instructor, and a CNA, and a medic in the Army. Oh yeah, I also have a BS degree in Health Science/Emergency Medical Services. All that and $1.50 get me a cup of coffee..........at 7-11, not Starbucks. Seroiusly, if you want good pre-hospital acute-care experience, EMT is a great place to start. You could, however, get the same type of experience in a hospital by getting an orderly-type job in an ER. EMT is a lot of training and I wouldn't waste the time if I didn't have to. I agree with jackiemc08 that my experience helped me get my current job, (Safety Officer), but I also think that EMT is not the only way to get experience and not everyone is cut-out for pre-hospital care. I'm returning to school for an Occ Safety and Health degree or BSN. I'm choosing BSN because I think it will offer me greater variation in job opportunities in the future. I've found many Occ health jobs in my area that require RN in addition to Occ health training to get the job. J
  14. jthewood

    what did you do in your former life?

    I was/am a health & safety officer for a large Defense contractor. My degree is in Health Science and I'm trained as a paramedic, but I can't support the family on a medics pay. I'm hoping to start nursing school in Aug. 07. BTW, to jollygreenRN and all the other vets, thanks for your service. I'm a former red-beret myself! J
  15. jthewood

    Career change with kids....

    All: thanks for the reply's! I'm still in the hunt for nursing school, just trying to figure out the logistics of pre-req's, family, health insurance, etc. I know school will only be a one-year program, but I don't want to disrupt the family too much if at all possible. Arvid - I know the pain of bad Dx's. My wife was Dx with MS around 5 years ago. It totally changed our lives and really thrust us into the realm of uncertainty of what the future has to hold. Don't get stuck in there! Focus on the positive and keep your head up. Since our Dx we've had 2 kids, bought 2 houses, I finished by 1st BS and my wife's almost done with hers! Hang in there and ask for help when you need it. Best, Jason
  16. Whan I was in paramedic school we had to do L/D rotations as well (for obvious reasons). We were instructed to introduce ourselves, let them know why we were there and to ask the patients if they minded our presence during the birth. In two 8 hour rotations I was only refused twice. I also assured them that, if at any time they felt uncomfortable, I would leave. It was especially cool to me cause I had a 6 month pregnant wife at home. My first son turned out to be my 7th witnessed birth! Jason