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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   rodge
    Cool guys! im on my second year in Nursing! i Just hope when my time comes, they would welcome male nurses!
    Happy Holidays Guys!
  2. by   gaara
    please help me in my course... you can use the PM message brother also need a job he's a graduate of radiologist a professional radiologist he can't find a better place and agency to help him..anyway i'm a nursing students a 2nd year i have 4 years before i graduate but i need a job when i graduate plz call me or contact from philippines a nursing student from the philippines..plzzzz help me and also my brother!!!tnx to this you all nurses
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  3. by   rodge
    cool! bs nursing here, 2nd year student in the philippines... hope to hear you all hear soon!! God Bless guys!@!!
  4. by   Kristjaan Panneman
    Hi Rodge,

    I am a male registered nurse from The Netherlands. I am a nurse since 1984. I once have begun nursing with mentally disabled patients, then a few years later I worked at a psychiatric hospital and at a nursing home for the elderly people. Since 2003 I am a nurse at the surgery-unit of a hospital. What kind of nursing do you like?


    Kristjaan Panneman
    The Netherlands
  5. by   the_ladies_man
    I'm a male nursing major at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. There's 4 other guys in the program. The College of Nursing and Health Science told us that this was EC's biggest male nursing class in it's history. Since all my generals are with mostly women, all my nursing classes are with women, and everyone I study with are women I really feel so much more connected to women than I ever did before. I have a ton of friends, but as far as guy friends, i could probably count them on 2 hands. Since i am single, I don't mind in the least being the only guy. Even if i wasn't single i wouldn't mind b/c i've just gotten used to it after awhile. In one pre-nursing class i took, out of 35-40 people, i was the only guy. And this didn't even bother me one bit!!
  6. by   gaara
    Hopefully there' a nursing schools that search for a scholars here in the philippines that can't afford to go abroad and study. i'm a 2nd tear nursing students here in the philippines and i want to go abroad and want to learn more but i dont have enough money to go there hopefully there's a school to sponsor filipino's.tnx and hope someone reply...godbless!!!
  7. by   lector
    Im a junior student nurse studying here at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation-College of Nursing.Currently undergoing my clinicals.....

    For those who are like afraid of clinicals plz dnt be....coz its alot of fun specially in the OR & DR.
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  8. by   Cristhian1986
    I'm a 2nd semester male student, going crazy with med-surg but still happy with the program. We are only 4 guys in a class of 35, and in first semester we were only two. I'm not single, but still its like a dream to be surrounded by women. Although it makes it difficult to be faithful...Anyways, the few the proud!!!!
  9. by   Nutrafin
    I was just accepted to Johns Hopkins BSN. I have joined in on an e-mail group and so far I am the only male. I am hoping to find out if there is any men in there with me.
  10. by   Crazycardfreak
    Hi guys

    Just started the nursing program at Macomb Community College in michigan. My girlfriend wanted to get accepted into this program more than I did, but guess who got in and who didn't! Now she's jealous of me for getting accepted AND threatened by the idea of me going to a class full of girls. There's five guys in my class out of 30. Never worked in medical before, so I've got a lot to learn. I'll be turnin 23 this March - left the Vehicle design program for obvious reasons!:roll
  11. by   gdean1
    Another ADN student here, done in Dec 07. We have about 10% of our class male and what a great bunch. We're thinking about facing the recruiting world as a "team".
    Hey, the more the merrier out there. We can add some level headedness inb that crazy world where charge is queen and everyone hides.
  12. by   manofcare
    I'm a male ADN student as well, I am interested in recruiting ideas. Other than meet and greet at job fairs etc., have any ideas to share. I know that showing other men that we are not there to fetch coffee for the Dr.s is a step in the right direction. I think that promoting the challenge of the field and a theme of making a difference would attract more male students. Any ideas.
  13. by   Janus Rising
    Hi all:

    2nd semester here. 32 yo with 2 kids. I'm going FT and dedicating my life to school. This will be a third career for me. I started in Human Services working as a House Manager for OMRDD group homes (kinda medical related) and then working as a manager for a major retailer for 6 years. Always wanted to be a nurse, but life got in the way... as I'm sure it's doen with many others.

    My class started out with 150... 18 of us guys! Awesome thing... we ended semester with 60 students and guess who were still there? 17 of the original 18! Now we just inherited 5 male LPNs into the program... I figure by the end of the program we'll out number the women (My program usually graduates 35 RNs.... it's like joining the Green Berets or something, only the strong survive!)