Male Nurses that lift weights and stay fit


Anyone else out there a dedicated gym head that is also a nurse. get at me.


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Not a nurse yet, still in school. But yeah, I've got an olympic weight set in my basement with a power cage, bench, and pull-down station (all freeweights), a weight tree and a slew of dumbbell weights, a set of kettlebells, pull-up bar, and an eliptical. Nothing like a nice grunt worthy set of squats or deadlifts after a stressful day, and foam rolling feels good no matter the workout :)

Avid crossfitter here, begginging my ABSN program in a month or so. You gotta figure that since we are dudes and are going to be "expected" to help with patient lifts and moves we better be in shape for it!!!


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I'm a PN student but I'm an avid rock climbing. There's a local climbing gym that is roughly a 10-15 minute drive from my college. Nothing beats having a crazy day in lab/simlab than going and hanging from walls at 45 degree angles by your toes and fingertips, not to mention scrubs are very nice to climb in. haha

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I run regularly and am ready to do P90X all over again. I finished it around Thanksgiving last year, but Christmas pretty much blew it out of the water. I took over two weeks off from work and spent them back home for the holidays...watching movies and eating, lol. Maybe I'll wait until after Christmas this year to start it again because I don't want to give that up. It's about all I have time for, and I'll play a disc about once a week just to do something. I used to lift weights regularly, but frankly with all the driving around that I do now I don't care anything about going to town (read: going to the gym or anywhere). I plan to get back into weight lifting when time permits. It's not a religion for me like it is some people.


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I lost about 120 lbs in the last year and a half because i was getting into nursing school, and cant pack all that weight around on the job. If my program didnt keep me so damn busy all the time, id be in the gym more. But I get there at least three days a week now. Once im out of school at least i can go everyday again.


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I am in the process of dropping weight as I just started nursing school. I used to play football in college (first time) and love to lift weights but, working retail and eating fast food caused me to pack on the pounds. Now I am back in the gym and hoping to lose 50 pounds before the next quarter.


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Another Crossfitter here. Without regular exercise I'd lose my mind!

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This thread is awesome!!!! I am currently looking to start next fall at Long beach for their masters. Love to work out as a matter of fact back in June I ran my first marathon. My wife beat me by a couple of seconds she sped up and crossed the finish line before me. Who does that?


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damn! your Masters! your my hero dog

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I do P90x everyday (even do Stretch-X on day 7) and not only does it help me stay fit but it wipes out my stress (nursing school, two kids, married, have a job). I also go running three days per week and I have a back-harness I put my two year old daughter in and she goes on jogs with me, and thoroughly enjoys it. Makes it so much easier when I'm bending over all the time and moving patients.


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I am a pre-nursing student here and am finishing up my last prerequisite - Microbiology. Have just started p90x, I'm only on week 2, but I have been doing other forms of exercise before- body weight, and free weight stuff mainly.

I'm also into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, its nice to go to a place where men beat the crap out of each other, then shake hands at the end of the day.