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Operating Room, PACU, ICU
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desert_MP has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Operating Room, PACU, ICU.

Decided to go for nursing after returning from a 15 month deployment to Iraq as a military police officer. Started off in the operating room and saw some cool things but decided I wanted to try something different. Now I'm working as a charge nurse in the PACU of a level 1 trauma center and it's giving me plenty of excitement.

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  1. It depends on the case. If it's something like T&A, Tubes, Hyster D&C, or other small cases we definitely have two nurses. Our docs do all of those cases in 10 minutes or less. Between prepping, timeout, draping, and assisting--one of the nurses is charting the entire time and the other is supporting the sterile field.
  2. desert_MP

    Nurses working overtime

    I work in the OR and with call it's not uncommon to put in 30+ hours of overtime over a two week pay period. Since we're only on call once or twice a week it's not bad. And we only work 1 weekend every 10.
  3. desert_MP

    ATI and Pharmacology

    Im getting read to take this test in 2.5 hours. I am retaking the class because I failed the ATI twice over the summer. It's definetely the hardest ATI exam for nursing from what graduates have told me. I get two shots...if I fail it twice this time Im kicked from the program. I believe it's unfair. Last semester I was passing the class but since I didnt get at least a level 2, I failed the course. Pray for me!
  4. desert_MP

    Self-Doubt....it sucks

    I took my Patho/Pharmacology 2 ATI today. The school Im attending requires us to get at least a proficiency level 2 on the ATI exam to pass the course. I fell short. I believe I missed the mark by 2 or three questions. My instructor was far from supportive. She made some valid points. "You should be concerned about missing these questions..." and then she went into explaining how we just covered them the week prior. I know we covered the material. Throughout the course Im sure we covered all of the material. I dont want to make up excuses but Im married and I have two young children at home. I dont have a HUGE amount of time to study. I guess the main concern I have is...if I cant pass this ATI test then how can I be sure I'll be a good nurse? I dont want to be a 77% nurse when it comes to drugs. I have a 77% right now, which is the minimum required to pass. However, I have to still pass the ATI. I get one more shot. My motivation is just extremely lacking. Any working BSN's out there who didnt pull great grades but are not struggling in the workforce? The way they make it sound in school is if I dont get all A's and B's then I'll fail in my career. Iraq wasnt this hard.
  5. desert_MP

    marriage and nursing school

    Ouch I applaud successful women! If my wife made more than me I'd be ecstatic. Oh wait...she does
  6. desert_MP

    marriage and nursing school

    Here's my situation: Im married for three years, have two children-one is a 2 year old boy and one is a 7 month old daugther. My wife is a homemaker/part time dog obedience trainer. We own our house (Thank GOD no mortgage payment, just the 4K/year taxes). Needless to say, nursing school does bring a lot of stress into the home. Especially on nights when I may have a study group but she has a client. Who takes the kids? Beings I'm former military, I often function on few hours of sleep per night which isnt a big deal for me. With that being said..our faith and belief in God can carry us through anything. When times get really tough we Pray. If something so small as nursing school or a little bit of stress can break my marriage--then it was never meant to be. I can think of a lot worse things
  7. desert_MP

    HELP.....Should I live off student loans?

    A lot of good replies in here. Something I've noticed that nobody pointed out is dont forget your children! Yes, working is a responsible thing to do, however your children and your future should be your top two concerns in your life right now, in my opinion. It's a very short time in your life...if keeping your sanity, keeping a good relationship with your children, and keeping successful grades means that you live off of loans then do it! I guess I lean more towards this way because my mother was a workaholic. She believed that working two jobs and buying us kids what we wanted was how she would make us happy. She was dead wrong and regrets it to this day. She also was going to school at that time. Just remember your priorities. Is living off of only loans the BEST way? Probably not. Just that...when considering everything laid out before you, never forget the kids. I almost did.
  8. desert_MP

    HELP.....Should I live off student loans?

    Denise, Hopefully I can be of some help here. Im married and my wife is a homewife. She stays at home with the children and works part time as a dog obedience trainer. However, the small amount of money that brings in does not come close to covering the expenses of our four person family. Kids are expensive as you know! However, it ultimately all came down to a few things: 1.) Do we have the control to not overspend when we see $9,000+ in the bank? 2.) What is more important, spending time with my children or working and going to school everyday? 3.) Am I truly committed? Just remember that nursing school is a very short period of your life. It's like a passing season. It was a no brainer for me to live off of student loans. My grades shot up when I left my job behind and my relationship with my family at home is also much better. Im sitting at a 3.5GPA. Again, remember that this is a short season of your life. You are paving for yourself a future with a solid career. You may have to take some risks. Stay the course, remember those who have gone before you, and Never give up. Hope this helped.