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desert_MP has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU, ICU, OR, ODSC.

Decided to go for nursing after returning from a 15 month deployment to Iraq as a military police officer. Started off in the operating room and saw some cool things but decided I wanted to try something different. Now I'm working as a charge nurse in the PACU of a level 1 trauma center and it's giving me plenty of excitement.

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  1. Surgical floor to PACU pay decrease?

    Yeah currently work in this hospital. Evidently it’s because benefits/hr said quality of work/life balance is much better in Pacu so deserves less pay. Good thing they didn’t go by that crap when I transferred to Pacu. I work far more hours in Pacu t...
  2. Surgical floor to PACU pay decrease?

    I've been a nurse for 10+ years. Have worked inpatient OR, outpatient OR, Adult and pediatric ICU, and PACU. I was talking to a potential applicant coming from a surgical floor to PACU. We work at a trauma 1 hospital, so our OR and PACU are bus...
  3. Cross trained PACU nurses

    Not the hospital I work in. Not sure if that's due to size or what. We have 24 full time PACU nurses. Pre-op and phase 2 have their own staff as well.
  4. Four 12s in a row?!?! ??

    I work Wed-Sat off Sunday then work M-W. Not super thrilled about it.
  5. New to PACU (looking for tips/advice)

    Each program is different. You should know this. The listed requirements are more suggestions which you would discover by getting in touch with different programs. Coworker was accepted into SIUE with no ICU or ED experience. It came down to how she ...
  6. MEN, dont come into nursing

    Cool story. I spent six year in the Army, 15 months in Iraq. Nursing is a great career choice. I've done OR, ICU, one day surgery, and now PACU. Pay just keeps going up. In the midwest I'm making 40/hr. A gallon of milk is 1.80. With call I mad...
  7. PACU call/ holiday requirements question

    I work at a large trauma 1 hospital. From Sunday night-Thursday night 2100-0700 we have two nurses dedicated to that call only. It's nice because they get paid 40 hours regardless of how much they work (if they work more than 40 hours they get paid o...
  8. New to PACU (looking for tips/advice)

    Must not have been a trauma hospital. The PACU I work at qualifies for most CRNA programs.
  9. If she doesn't feel comfortable getting out of her car and staying in a very dangerous situation...I don't blame her for not staying and helping. She's not a first responder. Until the scene is secured and traffic completely stopped it's not worth it...
  10. Four 12s in a row?!?! ??

    Four 12's in a row is never enjoyable. I'm right now on my 7th day in a row here in PACU. Can't wait for tomorrow ?
  11. Is the PACU floor a good start for a new RN grad?

    Experience-wise I started in the OR. Did 5 years. Switched to PACU...did a couple of years. Went to a surgery center, 8 months. Went to ICU for 18 months. Now I'm back in PACU. It all depends on your facility. I work at a level 1 trauma center. The p...
  12. So you're just a nurse?

    Unfortunately I have. Twice (and once by my dad)- "You're just a nurse? Why didn't you become a doctor." He has regretted making that statement since then.
  13. So you're just a nurse?

    You mean that "just a nurse" who pulled over on that rainy night and saved a choking toddler? The "just a nurse" who performed CPR on grandpa who's heart had stopped at the wedding reception? Own it. Live it. Be it. Nurse.
  14. Do women find male nurses attractive?

    I get what you're saying OP. I was chilling at my son's peewee football practice in my scrubs and a burly looking older guy in coveralls sat next to me. "You a doctor or something?" he said, spitting tobacco off to his right. Now I knew this guy had ...
  15. Nurses who don't have the "passion"

    This. I had just ETS'd out of the military and was working a factory job. 6 12 hour shifts plus they were asking for "volunteer" 5 hour shifts on Sundays. I had two children at home I didn't get to see very much. I was talking with a doc from my form...