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I am a recent PN grad with aspirations to specialize in anesthesia. I'm considering keiser career college as an option for the lpn-rn bridge where all my gen-ed prereqs will be taken (since I have none). Problem is gen eds may not be seen as accredited to other institutions (except for keiser university- yes I've called and confirmed this). The nursing license unlike the gen eds are fully accredited from kcc.

Now my question is if I complete my rn-bsn with keiser university and apply to an N.A. program will that program deny my gen ed prereqs from kcc? Or will they take into consideration that Keiser University (where I would be getting the bsn from)is a regionally accredited institution and leave the pre reqs alone?

The only reason why I would choose this route I think is to save me time... I would be an rn with kcc at 23 and can start getting some real med surg experience moving my way up to icu's. I'm cringing at the thought of what age I would complete rn with the regular state schools and C.C.'s with all the wait times and hundreds of applicants... Going the community college route sure has its pros but one of the cons is time.

Srry if the post is a little confusing I get all wrapped up with future plans..

If anyone can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated :up:

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I would ask them about that.

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You're asking good questions in the wrong place. Talk to the schools, get answers in writing if possible, and I hope all your plans work the way you're hoping.

I agree with the previous two replies. Also, I highly recommend consulting with counselors of the schools with the NA programs you are interested in, NOT the counselors at the school you are currently in. The counselors in the school you are currently in most likely will rely on publications, databases, websites etc. to get the information that you need. This information may be out of date. The counselors at your target schools will be more likely to have the most up-to-date information. I have been given bad/outdated information by counselors at my current school about programs in different schools. It really is best to go as close to the source as possible.

Also, nursing departments may have their own "in-house" counselors that are separate from the counselors for the general school population. They're even better!

Also, make appts on a regular basis. Things can change by next year, or even by next semester.

Good luck!

Sorry but what is a PN?

Practical nurse.

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In the grand scheme of things, you will not be saving that much time going there.. and if the credits don't end up transferring, you'll have to start all over with the general ed courses.. taking you a lot more time (and tons of money) than it would have in the first place.

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