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  1. pnmia10

    NSU-BSN Alumni please chime in

    Hello to all. I'm currently working FT as a practical nurse. I'm debating whether I should go into a ASN or BSN granting program. I think it would be easier to work FT through an asn program, then earn a bachelors online. Nova is also a school i'm considering. On their website they posted that students are NOT encouraged to work since it is an intense program. Unfortunately, that's not a choice for many. Can anyone give any insight into the classroom/ clinical schedule? Will I be able to work my normal 3-11 shift?
  2. pnmia10

    Are BSN prepared Nurses having a tough time as well?

    I hope to put my PN license to use soon for the advantages! (sigh)
  3. pnmia10

    Are BSN prepared Nurses having a tough time as well?

    Thank you everyone for the helpful posts :) Quiet patty were almost on the same boat, received my pn license Dec. '10 still nothing. Something is bound to open up for us! Where are you looking for jobs? (cities)
  4. pnmia10

    Are BSN prepared Nurses having a tough time as well?

    You are ABSOLUTELY right. It's all about connections....
  5. We all know of the strain on new grad nurses. I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not I should try to get into a ASN degree granting program or a BSN one. I've also noticed that in my area (Miami) the hourly salary for LPN's and RN's alike have gone down considerably...
  6. pnmia10

    Having one of those "this is hopeless" days.

    I too am having one of those "this is hopeless" days... have been actively searching for an LPN job here in Miami for oh about 3 -4 months now.. I found an ad on a local job board and gave them a call as instructed. The recruiter answers and asks do you have at least one year experience? I answer no I haven't been fortunate enough to find a nursing job. He then asks, what have you been doing since you got your license?... Umm sending my resume and applying everywhere, stalking recruiters and DON's like a madwoman? ( I didn't actually say this lol) ..I'm Continuing my education to become an RN but I often wonder if it is even worth it. Going through all this schooling to become another statistic? Another new grad with no experience that employers push away? Patience and Perseverance :angthts:
  7. pnmia10

    Considering leaving nursing b/c of low job market for new grads

    I feel your pain. I too passed my pn boards in Dec. 2010. I have applied everywhere within a25 mile radius from my home ever since.Not a call back to date. I'm also considering leaving the nursing game. I thought to myself well maybe if I had a bsn I would be marketable but reading others post s proved otherwise. Experienced nurses are the ones in demand.
  8. pnmia10

    RN job outlook in South Florida

    I was so sure I was going to have an lpn job when I graduated because of my family ties.Pfft! My original plan was to get my PN license and comfortably (financially) continue to get my bachelors, my masters whatever my little heart desired.. Now going on 3 months I believe since I've been licensed.. no interviews, no calls, I applied everywhere within a 15mile radius of my home. My family says things are tight in their facilities right now so I dont know if I should just continue to get my BSN and hope they will have an open spot for me or if I should get into an lpn-rn track. Preferably I'd go bsn but I want to better provide for myself. So any new grads in FL can you weigh in on your job hunting experience? Are facilities hiring more bsn's than asn's? I just don't want to go through yet another nursing program and not be able to find any work.
  9. pnmia10

    and another brick wall

    I haven't even had the oppurtunity to be interviewed. I got my license about a month ago and have been applying EVERYWHERE... It's really discouraging to think of all the hardships i've been through in nursing school and whatnot and not even be considered. My resume was checked off by the schools student services department (she's had me revise it once or twice) so I know it's not my resume. My mentality right know is .. if I can't even find a PN job, how am I going to find an RN position? Am I supposed to go through 2 more years of school to be in the same position I am now? Maybe I should go into pharm or phys assistance to hell with it. Might I add that Nursing is "more about who you know than what you know" Anyone care to share where they're living? I'm in the Miami area..
  10. pnmia10

    Lpn to bsn south florida

    Good evening everyone, I've been researching schools that offer an lpn-bsn bridge here in So. Fla. We're very limited in selection the only school that offers this option is Barry U. So what is an lpn to do? shoot for a traditional bsn and just suck up the extra clinical hours? Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks in advance for any feedback:)
  11. pnmia10


    Great replys everyone thumbs up! adn's/adn's who are having trouble looking for work .. not the first time i've heard of it can you guys tell me what states your in?
  12. pnmia10

    Job hunting advice for new pn grad

    I will be visiting as many LTC's/ SNF's as I can next week but can anyone give me advice on applying. Is it proper to ask for the don? or can I just ask the receptonist? totally lost but thanks in advance to all that post :)
  13. pnmia10


    Hi guys I'm having a hard tme deciding whether or not I should go straight into a bachelor degree granting program vs. associates. I am a new pn grad. Eventually want to earn a masters but I'm not sure which route to go. I was thinking it would be more economical to go straight into a bsn program vs. going to two different schools (1 for associates, 1 for bachelors) Any advice helps:)
  14. pnmia10

    Barry University lpn-bsn program

    Thanks so much for posting!
  15. pnmia10

    Barry University lpn-bsn program

    Good evening everyone... just wondering if anyone on allnurses has attended Barry U for the lpn to bsn track or even the entry-level track, feedback would be nice. What was your schedule like? Tuition? Clinical sites/hours? I plan to visit them soon but I just thought it would be good to hear from alum or currents.. thanks in advance