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LVN Wants Weekends Off Job

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I am job hunting and I'm always indecisive, how do I turn down a job offer after I just agreed with it ? How do I negotiate my desired salary ? I am looking towards not working weekends so I could spend time with my husband & family and I have almost 2 years experience as an LVN & been hunting around for positions to work without weekend shifts.

Dear LVN,

To turn down a job offer you've accepted, let them know as soon as possible. Contact HR or the recruiter or the DON and express your regrets. "I'm so sorry, I have to withdraw my acceptance. I appreciate the offer but I'm no longer able to take the job. I apologize for any inconvenience it's caused."

Instead of accepting a job offer on the spot, you can always say you need a few days to talk it over with your husband, or you're very interested and would it be OK to get back to them in a few days. This gives you time to consider if it's the best fit for you.

As far as a clinical position with no weekends, that's a challenge. Homehealth, LTC, hospitals will all require weekend duty. Are you firm on the no weekends or would you consider every other weekend? The more flexible you are, the better your chances of landing a job.

Register on Indeed.com for LVN positions in your area so you know what's out there.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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It is possible to avoid weekends in home health but weekday shifts on extended care cases go to the early bird, the vocal bird, or the bird favored by the staffing coordinators. That is one reason nurses may register with multiple agencies in order to obtain a schedule they can work with.

You could try a providers office that’s probably gonna be the best bet for no weekends or holidays. It may not be the best pay but it’s an ideal schedule. In my experience with home health, the LPN was always the first call during the week and second on the weekend if there was a Baylor nurse. That being said the week you would be on, you might be drawing labs 30 miles from home at 6am.

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The only way I've found to not work weekends has been to work in clinics as a nurse. I have worked in an Allergy clinic and a Pain Management clinic. The pay was less than what I would make in the hospital but having the weekends and holidays off was nice.

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OMG! 😃 I'm on the same boat and avoiding working nights&weekends too! I'm an LVN with 2 years experience popping pills, doing treatments, working in nursing homes etc. I am currently Per Diem but its been pretty slow and afraid ill forget my nursing skills(its been 2 months so far). I had to quit my last job d/t location and moved to a different city bc of my husbands work. I do however have an interview next week from an agency as a school nurse although I don't have any Peds experience as an LVN, does anyone have any advice/tips on a day in a life for LVN school nurses? Will I need special credentials? will the company pay milage? Can you shadow another nurse? is there an RN in the school as well? This position is in the LA county area.

As for the clinics, I so wanted to try them out too I am IV certified but hardly have any experience on that and currently seeking a position to work in a doctors office as well.

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Have you considered Civil Service healthcare facilities?

liznrs30 specializes in Skilled Nursing.

OK, I'll search that up. But since we're in this pandemic I was also looking up on work-from-home jobs for LVNs 🤔


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