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  1. liznrs30

    LVN first time renewal California

    Since you don't need to renew you do not have to send them anything since it's your first time but to be sure, I don't remember sending anything on my first time, it might be different now but email the board and let them know if there is anything you need to send to them to renew your first time.
  2. liznrs30

    New LPN first job in a SNF. any tips before I start?

    Avoid the drama, take your time, have your own BP cuff (you'll need it), organize who needs what, prioritize your patients, get along with your CNAs and supervisors, be careful when passing and charting your narcotics, and make sure you take your breaks. Good luck
  3. liznrs30

    CEUs question

    Just put in the number of hours you spent on the CEU if you are not sure just put 15, I don't think it matters as long as you complete your credits and when the time comes to renew have a copy of the certificate to prove you completed the course, you paid for it you should get credit for the number of CEUs the class provides.
  4. liznrs30

    Applying for Jobs During COVID 19

    I had an interview as a School Nurse (LVN) but my application was put on hold a week after for obvious reasons. I am per diem and would rather do a work from home type job if there's any out there in the los angeles area please let me know. So far I heard about Telehealth but don't know if they have a need for LVNs.
  5. liznrs30

    LVN Home Health Travel Contracts

    Hi You can always check Indeed or Craigslist they always hire LVNs even new grads and since you are looking for home health travel they are soo many of them on every job site. Good luck! Here's a few more sites you can check and call them directly you will get hired right away. ZipRecruiter , Glassdoor, Google jobs, Indeed, Simplyhired
  6. liznrs30

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    I'm an LVN here in California and was so close to getting a job as a school nurse as I wanted flexibility and also plan on pursuing my BSN. I had my interview a week Before the lockdown here in LA area, and was so bummed that they had to put applications on hold cuz obviously the schools already shut down and I'm getting calls from agencies to put me on the floor and are telling me that they'll increase my pay. I really, really want to help and I'm considering it everyday but it is getting worse due to shortages & lack of masks & equipment. I prefer a stay at home type of work in the meantime if anyone knows any please let me know that would be great. Stay safe and hope everything is well in your area.
  7. liznrs30

    Working from home

    Would they have that too for LVNs? we are now in a pandemic and I was just curious as I'm looking for positions that are remote etc.
  8. liznrs30

    LVN Wants Weekends Off Job

    OK, I'll search that up. But since we're in this pandemic I was also looking up on work-from-home jobs for LVNs
  9. liznrs30

    LVN Wants Weekends Off Job

    OMG! I'm on the same boat and avoiding working nights&weekends too! I'm an LVN with 2 years experience popping pills, doing treatments, working in nursing homes etc. I am currently Per Diem but its been pretty slow and afraid ill forget my nursing skills(its been 2 months so far). I had to quit my last job d/t location and moved to a different city bc of my husbands work. I do however have an interview next week from an agency as a school nurse although I don't have any Peds experience as an LVN, does anyone have any advice/tips on a day in a life for LVN school nurses? Will I need special credentials? will the company pay milage? Can you shadow another nurse? is there an RN in the school as well? This position is in the LA county area. As for the clinics, I so wanted to try them out too I am IV certified but hardly have any experience on that and currently seeking a position to work in a doctors office as well.
  10. liznrs30

    From office to private duty?

    Thank you for the info i'll definitely check it out.
  11. liznrs30

    Aveanna Takeover of Maxim

    wow thanks for the heads up i'm an LVN and looking for per diem work and was about to apply to Maxim via Ziprecruiter i will look up Aveanna then.
  12. yes someone please spell it out to me regarding our scope of practice as i have an interview soon with an oral surgeon who is looking for LVN to assist, i have 2 years experience just passing meds, giving shots, but not IV i'm only exposed to it, thats about it and as much as i'm not well experienced with IVs this doctor explained to me that I will start IVs and just monitor the patient. I'm very confuse cause i thought we were not allowed to start IVs but had to read and re-read it again, this doctor also mentioned he will train me so im doing a lot of thinking here and will just check the BVNPT website for this. Any LVNs work with travel doctors?
  13. liznrs30

    From office to private duty?

    Im currently per diem LVN at an LTC and i am looking for a clinic/doctors office job and no luck yet bc i wanted part time but just found a private duty nurse position but in the process of getting hired from the client. Since i had experience as a CNA its just like home health, i was told by the agency that its basically you monitor the patient in their home rather than in a LTC setting the difference is, its just you and the patient or maybe a family member. I wanted to ask how did you get into working in an allergy practice? once i start the position ill give you up to date on my experience. I only did it as CNA but not as an LVN but itll be instead of 35-40 patients, ill only have 1 patient to take care of my whole shift.
  14. liznrs30

    Ltc to clinic

    omg yes go for it! I am too looking for a M-F job where i don't have to work every weekend/holidays or overtime etc, i've been an LVN for almost 2 years and a CNA/PCA for a decade so being in a hospital/LTC setting is physically, and mentally draining that i always wonder if i can just sit down for an hour and do my job at the same time and really get to know my patients, their DX, etc, instead of pushing pills or rushing them or get complaints from doctors or family. I agree with the one above me when he say job satisfaction cause no matter where i go if i apply to another SNF its always 35+ patients and coworkers are always rushing me to just give give give, you suck in soo much stress for less pay and i didn't go in to work to jeopardize my license i come in to learn and some facilities just like to throw you at the floor and manipulate you thinking you do know what your'e doing but i think they don't. Sorry had to vent but good luck to you on your new position, i will be looking as well, if you have any advice for a fellow nurse please let me know i'm in the process of looking for a clinic, urgent care or office job as well.
  15. Hello everyone! I'm 6 months in my career as an LVN and I want to vent about my dilemma. I work the NOC shift and boy did it start out ugly. :eek:First of all beginning of my shift I had to send a patient to the hospital b/c he was low of oxygen, then I had a patient who was re-admitted already from the last shift and was given regular Tylenol bc her medications have not arrived from the pharmacy. I told her as soon as it comes i will let her know. So hours gone by, i'm trying to finish my charting and could not because I had a very confused patient that keeps getting up from her bed and the aides were busy at the time and i'm doing all i can to prevent the patient from injury. During the shift the CNAs are complaining to me that the charge nurse is way too bossy as i'm in the middle of my med pass. Then another confused patient is trying to leave the facility. To make matters worse I get a complaint from the re-admit patient saying that i never asked her if she had any pain (which i always do,every shift) and i did not give her Codeine bc the charge nurse told her that we had one supplied in the med room. So i went back to let the patient know we had one supplied and she was asleep and i did not wake her up. Is it right for me to wake up a patient to tell her we had Codeine available? Now she wants to report me to the DON about this. I was bottling in my anger and frustration bc it was me, the charge nurse(she's also an LVN) and the patient in the room. The patient stated she never got any medication when in fact the nurse from last shift told me he did give and he also recorded time given on the MAR. Am i mistaken for not waking her up or is she forgetful? why would the nurse sign the MAR and the patient states she never got anything? Am i losing it? To put me on a uncomfortable position, the patient blames me for not giving her pain medication and she rather trusts the charge nurse more and i get the nurse card when she stated, "you are a nurse, you should know how i feel". Now that she knows we have Codeine available the patient does not want to take it right away and prefers to take it in 30 mins. The charge nurse lectures me about pain meds in front of the patient and they start talking in spanish and i just walked away slowly while i continued my med pass. The charge nurse is aware that the patient was sleeping too and the patient stated to us to just wake her up. So 30 mins later charge nurse tells me to give her the Codeine (i thought the patient trusts her and not me) and it was so uncomfortable cause i woke her up and she looked pretty upset (because I woke her up? or I(the confused nurse ) ended up giving her the pain med?) I guess this is a lesson learned I'll wake up the patient anyway when it comes to this. Has anyone else been in this situation? I've only been working for 6 months and im a brand new nurse. How did you handle it? I want to quit before i put my license in jeopardy. I get 45 short term and long term patients. I get the hectic, busy, unstable assignments while my coworker always has the stable, long term patients ,less meds & accuchecks and hardly ever wants to work my assignments or float with unstable and short term patients. It is unfair and I brought it up to her before but she said no. Anyone out there ever encounter this? I'm open for advice, thanks in advance.
  16. liznrs30

    allnurses YouTube Contest - Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

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