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  1. BSN_TN

    Vaccination for clinical

    Then don’t put that crap in your body and don’t finish nursing school it’s that simple. If you don’t follow the rules of the facility they will not let you in that is how it was in my program. For instance we had a girl that had a conviction for an open container on her background. The hospital she was supposed to go to denied her and they had to find one to accept her. Even with that acceptance it was very limited for her. So ask yourself do I wanna finish my degree or do I not want to “put that crap” in my body? Also how are you going to educate and promote health awareness if you yourself don’t want to have vaccinations?
  2. BSN_TN

    Acceptance Rate/GPA

    Usually before applying it is a requirement that both a&p 1&2 be done and for my school micro before the third semester. I think it would be hard for them to base an acceptance on just half of the info.
  3. BSN_TN

    Student Not Eligible for NCLEX

    Was it in the curriculum for the last semester? It’s usually part of that and is explained at the beginning of the last semester. I know when I graduated with my associates, if a student failed to pass the HESI 2xs then their paperwork would not be sent into the state and they would have to come in and take a mandatory review course.The paperwork that is filled out for the state during the last semester, is what matters not the degree or the transcript. A person can hold a degree in nursing but at the same time If the school doesn’t send the paperwork in because they did not satisfy requirements ,it will mean nothing. Just like if someone went through nursing school and graduated top of their class if they didn’t meet state requirements say they lied about a crime etc they couldn’t take the NCLEX.
  4. BSN_TN


    Hi all. Advice needed here. I’ve been a nurse for almost 3 years. I really wanted to do the ER when I graduated but got turned down because I was a new grad (even though other new grads where hired in it). I feel stuck. I’m so unhappy with my nursing career and I don’t feel like I’ll achieve happiness till I scratch that itch of the ER. Please advise and no negative or rude comments we all see that daily in life. Thanks.