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LVN before RN? Should I? Help!


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NursKam, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in Family Practice & Emergency Department.

thank you. yeah i could use the financial assistance of LVN before RN because i can't afford not to work full time. looking at it that way changes things. and i don't want to be a cna for too long.

NursKam, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in Family Practice & Emergency Department.

look into some of the adult schools in your area. thats what i am doing. the are usually free and you pay for the supplies/book etc. or they can range from about 2k-4k. Good Luck!!!

The RN program in my area (Baltimore) is 2 years and has an LPN to RN program (CCBC Dundalk/ Essex). It was recommended to me by the college to apply to the LPN program and the RN program. I will be applying for the LPN program this fall first, because I am one class short (Micro) to apply to the RN program. I too need to make decent money quick. I am married and a mother of two. I too was juggling LPN first or straight for RN. The deciding factor for me is that I will be able to work part-time as an LPN while going into the second year of nursing school.

I wish you the best of luck and hope find what you are looking for.


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I am an LVN in California and I do work in Acute care, however when I graduated (3 years ago) There were not very many hospitals hiring LVN's (Mine included, but I was a CNA and transitioned to LVN) I truly feel that if I had not already been working at the hospital, I would not have gotten hired there. Yes there is always LTC or MD offices etc. But I wanted acute care. I have been on the same floor for 3 years and love it. I am working on my RN right now through a distance learning program. There are times that I wish I had gone straight for my RN, but I am SO glad I did this when I did, or I still would not be graduated from the RN program by now. At least I have been working and gaining experience. I do get frustrated from time to time. It is hard for me to take direct admits, or ER patients for admission because the Charge Nurse has to do my admission assessment, since LVN's cannot do an initial assessment. I can also no longer take patients from surgery who have had dura-morph or have continuous epidurals. I cannot do IV push meds, or hang IV piggy backs and I work on a post surgical floor where 95% of all pain meds are either IV push or PCA and most post ops have IV antibiotics running. So I do feel at times that I am a strain on the charge or other RN's who have to hang my IV antibiotics or push my IV pain/anti nausea meds. Would I do it differently if I had it to do again? No WAy! I love my job.

It's all a matter of personal preference and needs at the time. I am glad I did it, I just can't get my RN fast enough!