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  1. RN-4Ever

    FNP and Then Acute NP or Dual FNP/ AGACNP?

    I ended up just going for my FNP. I figure I can always go back if I want to.
  2. RN-4Ever

    FNP Post-Grad Certificate Online Recommendations

    Yes. I did start Herzing. I am enrolled in their FNP post-MSN certificate program. This is my first week taking NP courses, so it’s hard to say just yet. So far so good.
  3. RN-4Ever

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Some people move faster than others because they can prove competence faster than others. I think people make the mistake in thinking since you are able to move through it quickly that the program is easy; it is not. More time does not equal a better...
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been accepted into a Family Nurse Practitioner post-MSN certificate program to start in November. I am licensed in 2 states and just over the state lines. My dilemma is this, my current hospital does hire FNPs in the inpat...
  5. Hello Everyone! I need some help narrowing down an online FNP post-grad certificate program. I have my MSN in Nursing Leadership and Management and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I would like to stay within the state of PA, but I am open to oth...
  6. RN-4Ever

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    its hard to say...I had the same questions! Lol it is possible to complete everything in 6 months, but that would be extremely stressful and you would have to work on it non-stop. Overall, it is a great program and you will not find another program t...
  7. RN-4Ever

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hi There Caligirl, I can’t speak highly enough about WGU’s program! It is competency based so you only learn what you don’t already know. Many nurses have gone on to many different positions after Completing the program. I completed my BSN in ab...
  8. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Did you get accepted?
  9. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Best of luck! They accept students by the 15th of every month until November 1st. November 1st is the deadline for Spring. I hope you get in. I'm so excited. Inbox me as soon as you find out! Are you going to be full time or part time?
  10. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Are you thinking about part-time or full-time?
  11. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    I found out last week that I am accepted! Good luck to you!
  12. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    I applied to Chatham to start this spring. I should hear something soon. I have reached out to current students on FB and I have heard nothing but good things. I heard it is a great program and very doable working full time. I too have 3 Kids and wor...
  13. RN-4Ever

    Chatham University DNP

  14. RN-4Ever

    Chamberlain's DNP

    Juliekedi, How is it going so far? I am applying now to start in March. Is it doable for a mom of 3 and working full time? Can you tell me what is expected each week; paper a week, discussion, etc.?
  15. RN-4Ever

    Chamberlain DNP

    Anyone complete this program? I applied to Chamberlain and Chatham for post masters DNP. I can't decide which one. I am leaning towards Chamberlain... any insight on their DNP program that could help me to decide would be great! Is it doable working ...
  16. RN-4Ever

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    I keep scoring low in this course too! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I feel like I am going in circles with this class.