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  1. RN-4Ever

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    its hard to say...I had the same questions! Lol it is possible to complete everything in 6 months, but that would be extremely stressful and you would have to work on it non-stop. Overall, it is a great program and you will not find another program that you can move through so quickly. Also, you will receive a very well-rounded education!
  2. RN-4Ever

    Finished my MSN this morning - ask me anything!

    Hi There Caligirl, I can’t speak highly enough about WGU’s program! It is competency based so you only learn what you don’t already know. Many nurses have gone on to many different positions after Completing the program. I completed my BSN in about 9 months and my MSN in about 9 months. The completion time is different for everyone. After WGU, I went to Chatham University and completed my DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)! I am proud of every school I attended. If I were to ever go back for a second Masters, I would go to WGU! I hope this answers your questions...
  3. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Did you get accepted?
  4. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Best of luck! They accept students by the 15th of every month until November 1st. November 1st is the deadline for Spring. I hope you get in. I'm so excited. Inbox me as soon as you find out! Are you going to be full time or part time?
  5. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    Are you thinking about part-time or full-time?
  6. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    I found out last week that I am accepted! Good luck to you!
  7. RN-4Ever

    Chatham vs NOVA DNP program

    I applied to Chatham to start this spring. I should hear something soon. I have reached out to current students on FB and I have heard nothing but good things. I heard it is a great program and very doable working full time. I too have 3 Kids and work full time. I also applied to Chamberlain as a back up. After speaking with Chamberlain, I was leaning towards their program until I talked with current DNP students at Chatham. It sounds like a great program.
  8. RN-4Ever

    Chatham University DNP

  9. RN-4Ever

    Chamberlain's DNP

    Juliekedi, How is it going so far? I am applying now to start in March. Is it doable for a mom of 3 and working full time? Can you tell me what is expected each week; paper a week, discussion, etc.?
  10. RN-4Ever

    Chamberlain DNP

    Anyone complete this program? I applied to Chamberlain and Chatham for post masters DNP. I can't decide which one. I am leaning towards Chamberlain... any insight on their DNP program that could help me to decide would be great! Is it doable working full time and with a family? Are the instructions knowledgeable? Are you able to get assistance if it's needed? Anything else you found to be appealing about the program?
  11. RN-4Ever

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    I keep scoring low in this course too! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I feel like I am going in circles with this class.
  12. RN-4Ever

    Where should a new grad apply???

    Thank you! I am expected to start WGU April 1st! Looks like I am going in the right direction. lol
  13. RN-4Ever

    BSN by 2020

    I don't refuse to work in any other setting, but for me I do want to work in a hospital. It just may take me a little longer to get there than I originally thought. I can see your point of it has been said before. Thanks for the reply. :)
  14. RN-4Ever

    BSN by 2020

    I just wanted to add I have spoken to Franklin Square and UMMC directly and was told they are no longer hiring nurses that do not have their BSN. They will hire AA degree nurses if they are grandfathered in and have been woking on their AA degree or have some RN experience and are willing to sign a contract stating they will earn their BSN. As a new grad RN this is disappointing. For those of you who have been fighting me on this... call the HR's and ask them. I am sure these aren't the only 2 (just the 2 I have called so far). Yes I do realize not all jobs are in hospitals. I should have been more clear in stating I am referring to hospitals. I started this thread as a conversation and to see what others thought. I didn't realize I would get so many jumping down my throat for what information was given to me by my instructors. I apologize if I offended anyone. That was most certainly not my intention. As a new grad RN trying to get my first RN job, not having my BSN is going to be a setback.
  15. RN-4Ever

    Where should a new grad apply???

    Which hospitals are best at hiring new grad RN's with ADN? I just spoke to UMMC and was told they do not hire ADN nurses that aren't already working for there facility or have done some sort of practicum with them. They will only consider new grad BSN nurses from the outside! I was bummed to hear this. Anyway, any hospital recommendations for new grad ADN nurses?
  16. RN-4Ever

    New RN needs Senior RN Advice

    Thank you! This is just the type of advice I was looking for! Keep it coming! lol I love allnurses.com!

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